The makeup brush manufacturer tells you how to draw the nose-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-15
1. Use a nose bridge booster to correct the nose shape. The use of the nose bridge booster is very simple, just clamp it on both sides of the nose. You can use it on your daily break. 2. Make nasal membrane frequently. Doing a nasal membrane can better clean and nourish the skin on the nose. Generally speaking, it is best to insist on doing nasal membranes three to four times a week. Make nasal membranes frequently and clean your nose thoroughly, which can make your nose look small and moist. 3. Use makeup techniques to show off the nose. When applying makeup, first highlight the nose, then focus on applying more foundation between the two eyebrows, pull down along the way, apply the liquid foundation to the entire bridge of the nose, and apply a little liquid foundation on both sides of the bridge of the nose. This can 'conquer' the wings of the nose on both sides, highlight the bridge of the nose, and make the nose look straight and stylish. 4. Pinch the sides of the nose. If your nose shape is not straight enough and the alae is relatively large, you can improve the shape of your nose by pinching the alae. The specific method is to press the thumb and middle finger on both sides of the nose respectively, squeeze towards the middle, press the index finger on the nose, and press down with the middle finger and thumb. Insist on doing it twice a day, five minutes each time, and you will feel obvious changes in the shape of your nose after a little longer.
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