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by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-26
This article mainly focuses on the names and uses of makeup brushes, and a complete description of the names of makeup brushes. All of you sitting here are gods, and the little ones are playing tricks here. Makeup makeup brushes wholesale are a must-have tool for most girls when they go out. I believe everyone understands the content of today’s article, but we have to take care of our juniors, we don’t know how to give makeup brushes to girls, of course, we can also give them a full set. Without further ado, let’s answer your questions first, and the following editor will explain them one by one for you. Everything comes first: Operation method: Loose powder brush: Loose powder is used to set makeup, which can make the base makeup last longer. Loose powders are very fine powders, so you must use a loose powder brush to apply makeup, otherwise the loose powder will not spread evenly. When applying loose powder with a loose powder brush, you only need to dip a small amount at a time, which makes it easier to apply the loose powder evenly on the face. Eye shadow brush: There are many different models of eye shadow brushes, which are used to apply makeup on different parts of the eyelids. Larger eyeshadow brushes are generally used for smudging, while smaller eyeshadow brushes are used to modify details. Many girls like to apply eye shadow with their hands. In fact, this is a bad habit, because there are a lot of bacteria on our hands. If we use our hands to apply eye shadow, the bacteria will be brought to the face, so it is better to use eye shadow to apply eyeshadow. Eyebrow brush: As the name suggests, the eyebrow makeup brushes wholesale is used to brush the eyebrows. There are two types of eyebrow brushes, one is flat and the other is spiral. The flat eyebrow brush is mainly used to outline the eyebrow shape and fill in the eyebrow powder, so that the eyebrow shape looks more natural and the eyebrow color is softer. The spiral-shaped eyebrow brush is used to brush off the lumps that are not evenly distributed on the eyebrows, so that the eyebrows do not look unnatural. Blush brush: The blush brush is used to create blush. Blush can enhance people's complexion. If you put on the base makeup but don't apply blush, it will look unnaturally white, so you usually use a blush brush Some blush. There are two kinds of blush brushes: round head and flat head. The usage of the two is the same. You can choose the brush head according to your personal preference. Foundation brush: foundation can cover facial blemishes and brighten skin tone, and using a foundation brush to apply foundation can make the makeup look more natural without heavy feeling, and can make the skin and foundation fit better. Foundations are available in large and small sizes. The large size is used to create the makeup of the entire face, and the small size is used to modify the details, so that the foundation can be applied more evenly. Highlight brush: If you want to create a super three-dimensional makeup, you have to make highlights and shadows well. Highlights and shadows can create a 3D effect, making your makeup more outstanding and saying goodbye to flat faces. And this kind of arc-shaped brush is very suitable for highlighting, because it can brush the highlights of details, such as the bridge of the nose and chin. Lip brush: Most women like to apply lipstick directly on their lips, but they can create a more perfect lip makeup with a lip brush. Applying makeup with a lip brush will be more moisturizing than applying lipstick directly, and the makeup will be more natural. In addition, the lip brush can also be used to outline the lip shape, which makes it easier to color the lips. Eyeliner brush: eyeliner is essential if you want to make big and watery eyes. In addition to using traditional eyeliner, you can also use an eyeliner brush to draw eyeliner. The eyeliner brush is generally used for post-makeup adjustments and more detailed modifications. The eyeliner brush should be moderately soft and hard. If the eyeliner brush is too loose or too soft, it will be difficult to control and it is easy to draw thick eyeliner. Special reminder: When choosing a makeup brush, try to choose a makeup brush made of mink hair and other natural hair, because the brush head of this kind of makeup brush will be relatively soft and will not cause too much damage to the skin. When using makeup brushes, they are not so rigid. Some of them can be used for multiple purposes, and you can use them as you like. Sometimes customers ask me if eyeshadow can be applied by hand, and I say it is possible. When there is no brush at hand, your fingers can also be used as a makeup brush, but it is not so fine.
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