The guarantee of perfect skin: the correct choice of makeup brushes

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-11

The correct choice of    makeup brushes can be said to be the basic guarantee for perfect skin, because having a good set of makeup brushes can often add color to your makeup effect, and bad makeup brushes can make your makeup look a lot of color. Let’s follow the makeup Master Troy Serritd, choose the right makeup brush.

Complete range of makeup brushes

  The first step: buy the best you can buy

  Serit said that he always believes in the quality of brushes It is directly proportional to its price. A sixty-dollar blush brush, if you take good care of it, then it can be used for ten years. Natural bristles are the best: they are as soft as human hair and have a natural cuticle. Blue squirrels are the best, but pony hair, cashmere goats, and mink fur are also good. Of course, don't miss the synthetic brushes, they can stick to cosmetic liquids and creams very well.

   Having a good set of makeup brushes means how good the makeup effect has been in the past few years. Makeup artist Troy Serrit, who worked with Jennifer Lopez and Freida Pinto, told us how to choose the right brush.

   Step 2: Have the right combination

   The four most used makeup brushes: large loose powder brushes; slightly smaller and fluffy blush brushes; eye shadow brushes and Concealer brush to remove spots and blemishes. Serritt said, choose a round-headed brush, because it will not cause too much damage to the makeup.

  Step 3: Keep the brush clean

   Once a month, wash the brush head in warm soapy water. For natural hair, Seret recommends a neutral shampoo. After washing, use facial tissue to soak up the moisture, and lay the brush flat until it is completely dry. Do not let the brush stand upright in the cup to dry, because the center of gravity will go to the side of the wet bristles, which will deform the brush after it dries.

  Step 4: Lay the foundation

  Serit said, don’t worry about the foundation brush, when it first touches the face, it will apply a lot of foundation so that the makeup is on It's uneven. Seret still prefers to use cotton pads instead of brushes, which can cover the entire face completely and evenly.

Correct makeup

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