The Four Most Used Makeup Brushes

by:Suprabeauty     2023-04-20

Many girls are envious of cosmetic products, especially the brushes lined up by makeup artists, but it is not easy to master the real usage of brushes among the dazzling array of brushes. Here are some tips on the use of cosmetic brushes.

We often use both dry and wet powders. At this time, we need to use a natural brush for dry powder, while for wet powder, the effect of using a fiber/nylon brush is more obvious. Using a slightly harder fiber brush with the help of smudge with your fingers is very helpful for some wet blush creams that need to be smudged, but the only downside of the fiber brush is that it may cause allergic reactions to sensitive skin. There is a makeup brush combined with fiber and goat hair. It has a soft touch for pressure and smudging. In addition to brushing blush, it can also be used as a touch-up brush. This brush is suitable for loose powder, blush, and foundation. Everything can be done.

Using a makeup brush, natural bristles are the best for the skin, it is very soft like human hair, and has a natural cuticle. Followed by pony hair, cashmere goat. Mink fur is also a good choice. If you want to apply makeup liquid or cream well, don't forget the synthetic brush.

The four most-used makeup brushes: a large loose powder brush; a slightly smaller and fluffy blush brush; an eyeshadow brush and a concealer brush to remove blemishes and blemishes. Try to choose a brush with a round head, because it not only protects the skin, but also does not cause too much damage to the cosmetics.

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