The expert teaches you how to brush the lower eyelashes?

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-09
Many girls often regard the lower eyelashes as minefields when brushing their eyelashes. They don’t know how to use mascara. They accidentally apply the mascara to the skin or they don’t apply it at all. Instead, they ruin the carefully drawn eye makeup. Let me teach you how to apply mascara Brush, no longer have to worry about the bad eyelash brush.   Eyelash brushing technique 1: Heat the eyelashes in sections and then clip them    Many people have such troubles, the lower eyelashes always collapse after a while, and the clip is a white clip. In fact, you can heat the eyelashes before using the eyelash curler to help keep the shape lasting. Preheat the eyelash curler first, and then gently press down on the middle of the eyelashes for about 10-15 seconds. If there is no eyelash curler, heat the eyelash curler with a hair dryer to achieve the effect.   Eyelash brushing technique 2: Loose powder primer    The lower lash brush and powder primer is to make the mascara adhere to it and increase the weight, so that the lower eyelashes become naturally thick. Wet the cotton swab first, and then apply appropriate powder. In order to avoid too much, tap it again after dipping. Then brush back and forth on the lower eyelashes to make sure that each eyelash is evenly covered with powder.   Eyelash Brushing Technique 3: Use a slim brush head to brush the lower eyelashes, which is less likely to be stained. Just brush down the eyelashes vertically. If you don't have such a brush head, try using an interdental brush. The brush head is relatively small and just suitable for brushing the lower eyelashes. After applying a proper amount of mascara with the interdental brush, brush it back and forth horizontally.   Eyelash brushing technique 4: Lotion to remove excess mascara   After brushing the lower eyelashes, wait until the mascara is completely dry, use a cotton swab to apply a thin layer of lotion to wipe off the excess mascara, which will make the makeup more clean. But remember to be light when wiping, otherwise it will easily turn into a black panda eye, but it will be self-defeating.
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