The editor teaches you to correctly identify the purpose of makeup brushes-Company News-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-21
Makeup brushes are very useful, and most people will get confused and make mistakes or use them in the wrong way. The following editor will teach you to correctly identify the use of makeup makeup brushes wholesale: 1. The round-head foundation brush will pick up more liquid foundation, and the makeup will be applied quickly , but it will be thicker, and the makeup method is applied in a circle~ 2. The honey powder brush is used to sweep away excess floating powder on the face. It is the largest brush among makeup brushes. It is soft in texture and does not irritate the skin. Usually there are small wool, squirrel hair, and high-grade mink hair (the best of the bristles). Round powder brush: it has a lot of powder, easy to apply makeup, and the bristles feel fluffy, which is very suitable for the whole face. Highlights, it can also handle details such as the nose wing~ 4. The silhouette makeup brushes wholesale is also called the contour brush, which is used to modify the outer contour of the face. You can choose a powder brush with long bristles and soft touch, and a round top. 5. Blush brush Also known as a rouge brush, it is mainly used for sweeping blush and contour color. When using it, the belly of the makeup brushes wholesale head should touch the face. An angled blush brush with a slanted brush head is easier to use. Common blush brushes include horse hair blush brushes and wool brushes, as well as squirrel hair blush makeup brushes wholesale, squirrel tail hair blush makeup brushes wholesale, etc. 6. Eyebrow brush The angled eyebrow brush can draw fine eyebrow shapes , divided into two types: hard bristle eyebrow brush and soft bristle eyebrow brush ~ soft bristle eyebrow brush ~ dipped in powdered eyebrow cosmetics ~ 7. The large size of the eye shadow brush is mainly used for sweeping eye shadow powder on a large area ~ the medium size can be used for more detailed modification The small size of the eyes modifies the outline of the eyes, outlines the obvious lines, and helps to complete a more delicate makeup~ 8. The lip brush is small in size, used to accurately outline the shape of the lips, making the lips full and even in color~
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