The difference between lip liner and lip brush is there any recommended lip liner

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-11
Lip liner is a kind of cosmetic that is also used when drawing lip makeup. Generally, you can first draw the shape of the lips with a lip liner, and then apply lipstick, so that the drawn lip makeup is very beautiful. The difference between    lip liner and lip brush    lip liner and lip brush both work on the lips, although both can outline the lip line, the former belongs to cosmetics and the latter belongs to make-up tools. The difference is obvious.   lip liner is a lip make-up product, it has color in it, and the appearance looks like color lead. Its main function is to outline the lip line and modify the lip shape. It is not used much in daily life. When using a lip liner, you can use a lip balm to moisturize your lips first, but don't apply too much, or it won't be easy to paint. Then use a lip liner to outline the lip line, try to choose a color that matches the color of the lipstick, and finally apply the lipstick, by the way, use your mouth to squeeze it. This will make the lip line and lipstick blend together perfectly. Lip brush is a make-up tool. It is a kind of makeup brush. It is divided into telescopic and straight handle. Telescopic lip brushes generally have a cap. When using, you need to buckle the cap to the back part to push the lips. The mechanism of the brush, so that the lip brush will be pushed out, after use, as long as the cap is pulled out, the lip brush will automatically retract. The straight handle is similar to a normal brush, and there is no cap. The lip brush has the same function as a lip liner, it can outline the lip line, but the lip brush can also fill in color. The biggest difference between    lip brush and lip liner is that one has no color and the other has color. The lip brush needs to be colored on the lipstick and needs to be cleaned after use, while the lip liner does not need to be cleaned.  Is there any recommended lip liner  The Face Shop/Face Shop lip liner   First, the price is very beautiful, and secondly, the color of the lip liner is good, and the brush head is easy to use. The double-head design is easy to use. It's good for coloring, but it's mainly moisturizing in advance. Secondly, choose the color according to your own lipstick color.   Dexian Multifunctional Automatic Lip Liner    thesaem lip liner is soft in texture, smooth and easy to draw. It is easy to use with lipstick, the color is good, and it is not difficult to control in daily life. It can be used as eyeshadow or blush in emergency, which is very cost-effective.  3CE DRAWING slim lip pencil  3ce's lip liner is cheap and easy to use. The lip liner is dual-use with eye shadow. The powder is fine and easy to color, and it is also very colorful, the color is good, the makeup effect is very beautiful, it is relatively thin and it is worth starting.  MAC/Magic Styling Lip Liner   MAC lip liner has a smooth and rich texture. It is very suitable for contouring lip lines. It is longer lasting. It can not only be used in combination with lipstick, but also looks good when used alone. More importantly, there is a color corresponding to the bullet lipstick, so there is no need to compare too much effort.  BOBBI BROWN Bobby Color Lip Liner    is very easy to use. After proficiency, it can synthesize a beautiful lip line in one stroke, and the color is clearer and the makeup effect is longer. And the pencil sharpener is also equipped, which is very convenient.   The above is for buying lip liner or lip brush, is there any recommended lip liner content, I hope everyone can adopt it!
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