Tell you what brand of makeup brush is easy to use

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-23
Let me tell you what brand of makeup brushes are easy to use. Our commonly used makeup brushes are not easy to use after a long time. I want to change to other brands. Whether the makeup brushes are good or not depends on the brand. The most important thing is the workmanship and material of the makeup brushes. Generally, high-end makeup The brushes are made of relatively rare animal hair. Of course, these makeup brushes are better than artificial hair. But the price is high and not everyone can afford it. Let me tell you which makeup brush is easy to use. Choose a foundation brush: The brush head of the foundation brush is flat, vertically long, and elastic. The bristles should not be too soft, too soft will cause the foundation not to apply makeup. Be firm so the bristles can create pressure and make the foundation sit better on the skin. How to use foundation brush and precautions Moisturized skin is the foundation of natural makeup. Before applying foundation, add moisture to the skin with a moisturizing or touch-up primer, the first step to creating a high-quality skin. Squeeze out the liquid foundation the size of a pea, place it in the mouth of the hand, dip a small amount of liquid foundation, start from the cheeks, from the middle to both sides, from the bottom to the top, and evenly makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale the liquid foundation. When brushing, do not use gravity to avoid brushing. . Because the skin on the nose is fine and smooth, the angle of the foundation brush is about 90°. from the tip of the nose to the bridge of the nose. This can cover the pores on the tip of the nose. the forehead horizontally from the center to both sides, and brush according to the skin texture so that there will be no wrinkles. The part near the bun should not be too thick, so as not to cause color difference with the scalp. Hold the brush at 30°, first dip a small amount of liquid foundation and brush it evenly from the middle of the face to both sides, and then apply to the corners of the mouth after brushing. Then dip the brush with a small amount of liquid foundation, and pat the darker skin next to the corner of the mouth, so as to achieve an even skin tone on the whole face. Choose a liquid foundation that is 2 darker than your skin tone, and apply a thin circle evenly along the junction of the hairline from the cheekbones to the cheekbones, which will have the effect of shrinking the contour. It looks dirty, and the junction of the cheeks and neck is also painted. Use a clean puff to gently press the face from top to bottom to absorb excess liquid foundation, improve the tightness between the foundation and the skin, and make the skin transparent and delicate. Powder brush: Use a large powder brush to dip in a small amount of powder, and apply a thin layer of powder on a large area from the cheeks to the forehead, nose, and chin. Don't be too heavy, so as to present delicate skin. Lip : Bite your lips lightly, and sweep the shadow on the hollow under the cheekbones. You can also sweep the dark blush here to form a three-dimensional and powerful face structure. You can also use an oblique brush to sweep the shadow on the cheeks and Under the chin, create a firmer face by shrinking beard. Avoid heavy colors! If you want to buy safe and practical cosmetic brushes, you must first confirm product safety, compliance, and quality assurance! Due to the proliferation of the second-hand market in recent years, the inferior cosmetic brushes purchased in small markets are of poor quality. Therefore, when we choose to purchase cosmetic brushes, we first check whether the manufacturers of cosmetic brushes meet the above indicators. The content shared today to tell you what brand of makeup brushes are easy to use is here. If you want to buy products with guaranteed quality and affordable prices, you can go to the official website to choose. Cosmetics () Co., Ltd. is engaged in the production and sales of cosmetic brush sets and complete sets of cosmetic brushes. An integrated complete set of makeup brush manufacturers, material procurement: firstly, the selected suppliers are qualified suppliers after investigation and review, and can provide material composition reports, SGS, MSDS reports to ensure that the materials are compliant, quality and safe of.
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