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by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-20
Girls who love beauty may ignore the damage to the skin caused by long-used makeup brushes while paying attention to maintenance. Makeup brushes are not cleaned for a long time, and the dirt and cosmetic residue on them are easy to breed bacteria. Long-term use will make your maintenance homework all in vain. What if there was a way to solve this problem in ten minutes? Gather all your makeup brushes, and come and follow the editor to learn how to clean makeup brushes! Preparation materials: mild detergent, two clean towels, a glass sink About the cleanser: The cleanser that can be used can be any oil-removing cleanser that is safe and harmless to the skin. There are special cleansers on the market for cleaning powder puffs and makeup tools. If you think it is too troublesome, you can also use mild shampoo , some other baby shampoo and natural cleansing soap can also be used, but with cleansing soap you need to add a few drops of olive oil or coconut oil to reshape the bristle fiber. Cleaning steps: Step1 Put about a teaspoon of detergent in the glass, add two inches of warm water, soak the makeup brush in it, swirl to loosen the residue. (Avoid water overflowing the metal ring of the brush pen) Step2 Take out the makeup makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale and shake off the water. If it is not cleaned up, repeat step one. Step3 Rinse the bristles under warm water until completely rinsed. Step4 Use a towel to wipe off the water on the makeup makeup brushes wholesale and tidy up the bristles. Step5 Spread out a towel, put the makeup brush on it, and wait for it to dry. Avoid turning your makeup brushes upside down, as this can cause the brushes to unravel and shorten their lifespan. It is advisable to clean the makeup brushes once or twice a week, and wash them regularly, so as to bid farewell to the damage to the skin caused by the secondary pollution of the makeup brushes.
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