Teach you how to apply blush

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-10

Goose-egg face    is a very good-looking face, with different makeup needs on different occasions, to brush out the feeling you want.   Blush style: With an oval curve like an oval, smile and find the highest point of the cheekbones, then stand up the blush brush and apply a circle on the cheekbones of both cheeks.

Round face    cute face, the disadvantage is that the face is rounder and wider, the chin and hairline are round, lacking three-dimensionality. It is best to add a dark foundation on both cheeks and forehead, and brush with long lines to emphasize the vertical lines and lengthen the face. Add white foundation between the chin and forehead to make the round face look longer and more three-dimensional. Blush style: When drawing blush on a round face, apply a straight line to increase the slenderness of the face. Paint the blush in a diagonal line and brush from the cheekbones to the center of the face to create a face angle.  Square face  The face is straight and square, with a straight forehead and face, lacking a sense of tenderness. You can add dark foundation on both cheeks and forehead, white foundation on the middle of the forehead and chin, and emphasize the makeup of the eyebrows and lips, so that the square face will show gentle characteristics. How to play blush: The square face presents a square angle, so in the use of blush, round lines must be used to increase the softness of the face. The blush is drawn in a circle from the cheekbones to the cheekbones. Brush in the direction of the nose. In order to make the cheeks look more delicate, the areas that are too large should be corrected with dark blush.

The triangle-shaped face has a narrow top and wide bottom, a narrow forehead, and two big cheeks, giving a feeling of calm and majesty. Warm colors can be used to emphasize the composure, generosity, and intimacy of a triangular face. Adding a dark foundation on the wide part of the cheeks will make it look darker, so as to compensate for the disadvantage of the lower part. White foundation is added to the narrow forehead and chin to highlight its fullness.  Blush style: Brush higher and longer on both cheeks, preferably diagonally.  Inverted triangle face  The face is relatively pointed, with narrow top and bottom features, wide forehead and sharp chin, which will give people a sad feeling. It is necessary to wear a dark foundation on both cheekbones, chin and forehead to create a dark shadow effect. The thin cheeks should be decorated with white or light foundation to make the whole face look plump and clear.   How to play blush: The blush must be darkened on the cheekbones. Use deep tones to disguise the protruding cheekbones so that they are not too obvious.

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