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by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-18
Talking about the steps of using cosmetics: Wash your face before applying makeup, and apply moisturizer or body lotion. This step is very important. A good moisturizer will lay a good foundation for the makeup process before applying foundation, so that In the next step, the dry skin will not appear on the face, and it can make the skin look crystal clear. Step 1: Apply foundation. Many girls skip this step when applying makeup, but this step is actually very important. Steps: Use a bean-sized dot on the face and spread it evenly. It should be noted that it must not be used too much. Green and blue finish foundations provide good coverage and are suitable for those with blemishes or other blemishes. Purple is more suitable for oriental yellowish skin. The white one is more suitable for transparent makeup. The second step: liquid foundation. It is similar to the way of applying foundation. Steps: Apply double the amount of finishing powder evenly on the face. It should be noted that the eyes, the junction of the hair and the forehead should also be applied evenly. Otherwise, others will be able to see that you wear makeup at a glance. The third step: Concealer cream or liquid concealer. Only for those with minor blemishes on the face. Steps: You can use a small makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale to gently apply to the blemishes and around them. In this way, the foundation does not need to be too thick to cover spots and acne. Another option is to apply the concealer between the brows to the third of the nose and under the eyes. This will not only cover dark circles but also brighten. The fourth step: powder cake. If your makeup has achieved the desired effect after completing the above three steps, you can omit the powder in the fourth step and apply loose powder directly to achieve the effect of brightening. Steps: Gently pat the face with a powder puff, pay attention to apply the powder evenly, and pay attention to the fact that the exposed part of the head should be powdered to make it look more energetic and achieve the effect of makeup. The fifth step: loose powder. Steps: Just lightly dab a layer of loose powder on it. Pay attention to the junction of the face and neck. Step 6: Eye makeup. Eyebrows: The important thing is the trimming of the eyebrows. Steps: I think it is best to find a more professional place when trimming eyebrows for the first time, and then you can take care of them yourself according to the shape that has been repaired. If you use eyebrow brush and eyebrow powder, the effect will be much more natural. Eye shadow: You can choose the color matching according to different clothing. Steps: Pay attention to the transition of color when applying eye shadow. For example, for pink eye shadow, first apply a layer of light powder to the entire eye socket, and then deepen it near the eyelashes. After finishing makeup, sweep a layer of white loose powder on the brow bone and bridge of the nose. It can achieve the effect of highlighting the three-dimensional effect. Eyeliner: Most girls are reluctant to wear eyeliner. In fact, a good layer of eyeliner can make eyes look brighter. Steps: One way is to use eyeliner to point the eyeliner in the gap at the root of the eyelashes. This will look more natural. White eyeliner can be used on the lower lash line to make the eyes appear larger. Step 7: Modification of the lips. Many people think we are too young to wear lipstick. Just slather on some lip balm and put on some lip gloss. Steps: It should be noted that the lip gloss must not be applied to the entire mouth, as it looks like it has not been wiped after eating. If you put lip gloss on the center of your lips and sip it, the effect will be better. Ladies, act fast for all of us to be beautiful.
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