Smart you, do you know what makeup brushes are good?

by:Suprabeauty     2023-04-19

Many people are asking what kind of bristles are good for makeup brushes? A good shaper brush can help you organize a good appearance, and it will save a lot of unnecessary trouble. If you don’t know what kind of bristles are good for makeup brushes, then you should learn how to choose a makeup brush that suits you, so that you can easily create a matte cheek. Today, I will introduce a few tips for you to know what kind of bristles are good for makeup brushes. . Buy the best you can buy Serritt said he has always believed that the quality of a brush is directly proportional to its price. A sixty-dollar blush brush will last you ten years (really!) if you take good care of it. Natural bristles are the best: they are soft like human hair and have a natural cuticle. Blue squirrel is the best (and most expensive), but pony hair, cashmere goat, and mink are also good. Of course, don't miss the synthetic brushes, they can be very good for applying makeup liquids and creams. Having a good set of makeup brushes can mean years of good or bad makeup results. Have the right combination Four of the most used makeup brushes: a large loose powder brush; a slightly smaller and fluffy blush brush; an eye shadow brush and a concealer brush to remove spots and blemishes. Choose a brush with a round tip, but if it's wool, goat hair or something is stiffer and not as easy to use as man-made, says Serritt. Relatively speaking, foundation brushes, eye shadow brushes, and concealer brushes are recommended to use fibers because they have to be scrubbed. Real hair is too wasteful. Large loose powder brushes can use squirrel hair, eyebrow brushes, and eye shadow brushes, which do not require too much texture. It is fiber, the hardness is better, and the powder is also good.

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