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by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-26
Do you wet the makeup brush before using it in the daily beauty process? Do you want to wet the makeup brush before using it? How to use the makeup brush? Today, the editor of the makeup brush manufacturer will take you to the details To understand, let's take a look at it together. No need to get wet. Many people think that the foundation brush should be wet before applying makeup, so that it can moisturize more, but this idea is wrong. There are many foundation makeup brushes wholesale that cannot be wetted, and the effect of applying makeup after the foundation brush is wet is not good. So if you feel dry, you can squeeze a little liquid foundation on the back of your hand, then add a little lotion to the liquid foundation and stir evenly, so that it will not be so dry again. How to use the makeup brush? 1. Use a flat eyeshadow brush to take a small amount of eyeshadow, and gradually fade upwards from the root of the eyelashes. Pay attention to the uniform transition of layers. It is better to use light at the beginning of training. 2. The core design is that the tip of the brush can be used to draw details similar to eyeliner, and the side can be used to sweep away the area and outline, and the corners or ends of the eyes can be positioned precisely to keep the makeup deep and clean. 3. Smile, use a round-head blush makeup brushes wholesale to sweep the blush away from the highest point of the face when you smile, and gradually sweep away the blush to form a cute and youthful blush effect. Pay attention to the blush and the corners of the eyes, nose, and lips. A certain gap. 4. After the foundation or before the makeup is finished, apply a small amount of powder on the face lightly. Use to set makeup or remove shine to keep makeup fresh. It can also be used to apply blush or contour shadow, but do not use it alternately in a makeup without cleaning. 5. Bite the lips lightly, and sweep the shadows on the depressions under the cheekbones. You can also sweep the dark blush here to form a three-dimensional and powerful facial structure. You can also use an oblique sweep to sweep the shadows on the cheeks and chin Below, create a firmer face with shrinking beard. Don't overdo the color. 6. Apply lipstick or lip gloss to the lips to get a fuller lip makeup effect than directly using lipstick or lip gloss. You can also use the edge of the lip brush to outline the perfect lip shape to obtain bright and rich lip color. 7. It can be used to describe natural and flexible eyebrow shapes. Apply a little eyebrow powder on the brows and swipe to obtain a soft brow effect, but the end of the brows can be slightly heavier and the lines are clear, so that the whole brows can be changed and more vivid. 8. Whether it's dark circles or acne marks, with it, you don't have to worry about dark circles and various blemishes anymore. One click, very precise and clear. When drying, you can tie the handle of the makeup brush with a rope, and then tie the makeup brush to the hanger, or you can roll up one side of the towel and place the makeup brush obliquely on the towel. When drying the makeup makeup brushes wholesale, be careful not to let the water flow into the handle, so as not to cause the bristles to fall off.
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