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by:Suprabeauty     2023-03-02
Makeup belongs to women's daily life. The use of each cosmetic is different and the steps used are also different. Makeup brushes are also one of the cosmetics. Do you know how to use makeup brushes? The following makeup brush manufacturers make up for you Share: How to use the makeup brush: Loose powder brush (makeup brush), this kind of looser and larger brush is what we use when loosening powder. The usage is very simple. It is light and thin, and it can be tapped a few times, which can effectively avoid the fake face caused by too much loose powder applied to the face. Some people like to apply loose powder after the foundation, some people like to use loose powder to set the makeup after finishing the makeup, it is all possible, it depends on personal habits, so this kind of big loose powder makeup brushes wholesale is also called makeup setting brush. The blush brush is smaller than the loose powder brush. The reason is very simple. Whether you are applying shadow or blush, you must master the 'area'. If the area of ​​blush is too large, it will become 'plateau red'. If the area is too large, the makeup will appear dirty, so this smaller brush is very easy to control. Some people may wonder why there is no so-called 'foundation brush' in the front two big brushes. There are many kinds of foundation brushes, but they are all fine and strong (to avoid powder), but many people like to use them. Powder puff and hands are used to apply makeup, so we will have a special article on foundation makeup. Compared with loose round brushes, the nose shadow brush is more natural on the nose with this small flat brush, which can perfectly fit the two sides of the nose. The curvature of the side and the size are just right. It should be noted that the nose shadow brush is a test of the quality of the brush, because the nose shadow needs to be blended continuously, including the shadow of the nose part. If the bristles of the brush are too rough, it will irritate Pores, and we all know that the place where blackheads and whiteheads gather is the nose, and the pores are relatively large near the nose, so the nose shadow brush must not be compromised. Eye shadow brush This is a very standard eye shadow brush. This kind of brush can be used for part of the large-area base or to emphasize the corners of the eyes. If it is 'flat' enough, you can also stand it up and dip a little dark eyeshadow to dissolve the lower eyeliner. Of course, the lower eyeliner is not It needs to be too much, just the corners of the eyes, and then use a brush to gently smudge it. Cleaning of makeup brushes: Makeup brushes should be dry-cleaned every day: Makeup brushes need to be dry-cleaned every day after use to keep them clean. Pay attention to foundation and lip makeup brushes wholesale are not suitable for daily dry-cleaning. The so-called dry-cleaning is to use a makeup brush and dip it in an appropriate amount of setting powder to wipe it. Foundation brushes should be washed every day: foundation brushes are different from eye shadow brushes and are used every day It is best to wash it with water afterward. Because the emulsion-like foundation is easy to remain on the makeup brush to breed bacteria, and it is easy to cause irritation to the skin after use. Generally, the foundation brush can be cleaned with shampoo. In addition to the foundation brush, the lip brush It also needs to be washed once with water to keep it clean.
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