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by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-20
Recommend an easy-to-use and beautiful makeup brush. Cosmetics can be called magic, so the makeup brush can be compared to a magic wand. The function of the magic wand is to wave it at the place that needs to be changed. Magical changes can occur by waving it where makeup is needed, of course it needs a foundation. The magic wand must look good and have good effect. Where can I find it? Here is a new transparent crystal makeup makeup brushes wholesale for everyone. Introduction: This time I recommend a crystal makeup brush. This makeup brush uses innovative artificial materials instead of natural animal hair. It creatively combines the principles of aesthetics and ergonomics, bringing makeup brushes into a new era. . The crystal makeup brush adopts the micron-scale crystal structure of microcrystalline silk, which can hold enough dry powder at one time, release evenly, do not eat powder, and quickly create delicate makeup. Material: Microcrystalline silk, a new material for makeup bristles. Advantages: High-quality brush, skin-friendly and soft, not easy to shed hair. Crystal clear crystal handle, beautiful and delicate. The gorgeous appearance of the brass spout has an anti-rust effect, allowing your makeup makeup brushes wholesale to swim in the ocean. Production process: Selection of pipe material (the place where the makeup bristles are connected to the handle)--weighing the amount of hair (the number of makeup bristles)--the pier cup (finishing the makeup bristles)--drawing size (to ensure the uniformity of the makeup bristles)--point Glue (to ensure that the makeup bristles are not easy to fall off)--Assembly (the handle of the cosmetic brush is spliced ​​with the copper tube)--The finished product. Cosmetic brush parameter name: exquisite new crystal cosmetic brush; style: colorful crystal cosmetic brush; ocean star crystal cosmetic brush; size: total length 165cm, hair head length 50cm, mouth tube length 25cm, handle length 90cm, handle width 22cm, thickness 12cm , Bristle curved silk hair, diameter 0.07mm.
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