Quickly apply 5 makeup brushes not to be missed

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-11

  Required brush: foundation brush

  Required reason: Dip the foundation with your fingertips and slowly apply it on your face, you can achieve the perfect makeup effect, but it costs a lot time. The cosmetic brush has a larger contact area with the skin, so it can take a short time to base the face.

   Tips for use: You can use a foundation brush to dip the foundation evenly on the face, and repeat it several times to make the skin look natural and transparent. Then brush it again on dark circles, uneven skin tone or blemish areas to quickly apply makeup on the face.

  easy to use single product recommendation:

  Dior Dior background professional light cover foundation brush RMB530

   essential brush: eyebrow brush

  The necessary reason: If you only use the eyebrow pencil to touch the eyebrows, a clear eyebrow line is easy to appear, and black or brown cannot cover the eyebrows extensively. The eyebrow brush can help to brush the line drawn by the eyebrow pencil to make the eyebrows more natural and stylish.

   Tips: Use the eyebrow brush along the direction of eyebrow growth. After brushing, use your fingers to assist the blending, the eyebrow makeup will achieve the best effect.

  easy to use single product recommendation:

  MAC fashion ultra-fine bevel eyebrow brush RMB210

   essential brush: eye shadow brush

  The necessary reason: the eyeshadow stick and fingertips cannot achieve the natural smudge effect when applying eye makeup, nor can it make the eye makeup look more natural. The eye shadow brush can use a soft brush to faint the eye shadow and bring more amazing charm to the eyes.

   Tips: After taking a small amount of eye shadow on the eye shadow brush, shake it gently in the air to spread the eye shadow evenly on the eye shadow brush, and then apply it on the eye socket.

  easy to use single product recommendation:

  Sephora Step Natural Eyeshadow Brush RMB129

   Essential Brush: Blush Brush

  Required reason: The blush brush is suitable for applying blush on a large area on the cheeks of the face to give the face a natural and transparent complexion. If you don't have a blush brush, you still only use your palms or fingertips to smudge your cheeks, the blush cannot be applied naturally on the face, and it may even cause the blush to appear lumpy distribution.

   Tips for use: Same precautions as the eye shadow brush, use time limit to gently shake in the air, so that the blush product is less and evenly applied to the cheeks. In addition, different ways of brushing blush should be used according to different face shapes.

  easy to use single product recommendation:

   Chanel blush brush RMB505

   Essential brush: lip brush

The essential reason: apply lipstick directly on the lips. Because of the different light weight of each part, the lip makeup always looks less delicate. And sometimes the fine lip lines cannot be taken into account when applying lipstick. With a lip brush, you can make every part of your lips more delicate and attractive.

   Tips for use: You can first use the same color lip liner to outline the lip contour, and then use the lip brush to fill the space. Because the lip brush is a brush after all, there is no way to outline the lip shape so finely.

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