Precautions for maintenance of makeup brushes

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-13

  Many MMs are very upset. The brushes they bought at a large amount of money quickly became defective after being used several times! Is the life of the brush too short? Is it because of insufficient maintenance? Are high-priced branded brushes worth spending a fortune? Let Yueji answer all these questions and confusions for you!


   The 200-yuan brush uses 6-year cheats

   It’s not that the life of the brushes is too short, but that some women do not care about the brushes. We are constantly giving them longevity. A well-known makeup artist once revealed that he has used a 200 yuan brush for 6 years. It is very easy to predict how frequently the makeup artist uses the brush. Therefore, the price and frequency of use of makeup brushes are not the key factors affecting the life of makeup brushes, mainly because of proper maintenance! Think about it, no one would spend thousands of dollars to buy famous brands just for worship and worship! No matter how good things are, they need to be cherished and maintained. After each use, please gently dust off the powder on the brush. If you take cream cosmetics, remember to wipe it off with a paper towel as much as possible. After using it, let it return to his comfortable nest, don't throw it on the makeup table casually. If you don’t know how to make brushes covered with dust and moisture, then noble brushes are no different from street vendors!

   keep your brushes full of elasticity forever

   The brushes that lose their flexibility are like walking corpses like lovers who have lost their souls. They are lifeless at all. Mink, squirrel, or horse hair, in addition to considering the softness of these various bristles, the elasticity of the bristles is also the key factor to consider when buying. Although it is impossible to describe the degree of elasticity of the bristles rigidly, I believe that when you swipe the brush back and forth on the back of your hand, you will definitely feel the soft bounce of the bristles.

  In addition to the elasticity of the bristles, the uniformity and curvature of the bristles must be observed. It is recommended to dip the powder makeup with the bristles first to see if it can be applied evenly, and then gently sweep the bristles from the back of the hand to see whether the brushed color is concentrated in a very unnatural piece, or it can maintain the uniformity of the color, and brush it out. The effect is uniform and natural, so it is the one you should choose.

   Make-up master, you must have three brushes.

   Of course you don’t need one paint and one brush at all, but you must have the following three brushes, foundation brush , Eye shadow brush and powder brush, these three brushes are essential. Loose powder brush is very important, it can create a transparent skin texture and make facial skin appear healthy and radiant; eye shadow brush not to mention, it is indispensable to create bright and moving eyes eye shadow brush; besides foundation brush, the same is true. Importantly, if you want to make your face flawless, even and translucent skin tone, you have to use a foundation brush to complete it. Of course, just these few brushes may not be enough for you. Professionals may also prepare concealer brushes, lip brushes, etc.

   Brush maintenance must know TIPS

   1. Don’t mix various brushes together for the sake of convenience. This will easily cause pollution to the brushes. In severe cases, it may even cause skin irritation after use. Choose a soft weaving box, wrap the used brushes with paper towels, and isolate them in the weaving box, which is convenient for use and avoids contamination;

  2, put the brushes as far as possible In a dry place, you should also avoid direct sunlight, moisture and dust. Good brushes always rely on careful maintenance to prolong their life;

  3, clean it regularly. Beat the shampoo into a foam in the palm of your hand, then moisten the brush, gently rub it in a clockwise direction with your fingers, and after all the dirt is washed out, rinse with clean water, and then gently blot dry with a paper towel. Be careful not to Squeeze it, and finally put it in the back light to dry it in the shade. In addition, you must also pay attention to wipe frequently after use, and dust off the bristles.

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