Powder puff, makeup sponge, makeup brush, what is the difference between using them to make up? -

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-17
Powder puff, beauty sponge, and makeup brush can be said to be a 'three-piece makeup base set'. What are the differences between them, and which one is better to use? There are two common types of powder puff, one is usable, and the other is air cushion puff. The pores of the air cushion puff are relatively small, so it is very easy to accumulate oil when using it, which is more suitable for girls with dry skin! It is very suitable to use some powders that are relatively sticky. When using it, you can pat it with a little force, which can make the base makeup more docile and firm. Its biggest advantage is that it is very convenient when it is used, and it is very practical when going out to touch up makeup. But it also has disadvantages. If your puff is very soft and thick, then it will be very serious. Another point is that if the face is wet or the face is greasy, when using the puff to apply the foundation, it will be uneven and prone to spots. Here I can teach you a little trick. If you feel that the brush is too dry and prone to brush marks when using concealer, then you can try a powder puff to apply concealer. After use, you will find that the powder puff is even and docile. And the cover is very fast. But then again, the storage of powder puffs is also a headache. Our longest storage method is to put it in an air cushion box, or a special small box to store it, so that it is easier to breed bacteria. Therefore, if the puff is not used for a long time, it must be cleaned and dried, and then stored. The second one, let's talk about the beauty sponge, its texture will be softer, and the makeup will be more docile. When using it, be sure to rinse it with water, soak it, and then squeeze the water dry. But the disadvantage of the beauty sponge is that it is more serious to eat powder, and sometimes it will dilute the foundation. So when applying the base makeup, it is relatively transparent, and the concealer effect is not as good as that of a makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale. But the beauty sponge has great elasticity, so it is very comfortable when using it to apply the base makeup, and the strength of the face is easy to control. It has many shapes, some are polygonal sponges, but it is also a makeup base tool that is more similar to a beauty sponge. The ones with many edges and corners take care of the details of the face very intimately, which is very suitable for novices. In fact, when choosing a beauty sponge, it does not mean that its softness, hardness and swelling degree determine its ease of use. There are many soft beauty sponges that swell immediately after entering water, like this sponge The hole is also relatively large, so powder absorption will be more serious. The main thing is that it is also difficult to wash off and does not apply makeup evenly. But if it is too hard, the makeup will not fit well, the powder will float, and the process of applying makeup is also very troublesome. It should also be noted that the beauty sponge must be placed in a ventilated and dry place when it is usually stored, and it must be cleaned frequently, otherwise it will breed a lot of bacteria. Finally, let's talk about makeup brushes. Compared with the former two, the makeup makeup brushes wholesale can retain the original makeup effect of the foundation to the greatest extent, and he eats the least amount of powder. The bristles are very delicate, and the concealer effect is also the best, which can fill the pores well. Senior sister personally feels that using a makeup brush saves the most liquid foundation, so when applying foundation, you can take a small amount and spread it on the back of your hand, then use a brush to take a small amount and spread it evenly on the face in circular motions. If you feel that there are brush marks on the face, then the problem may be that the amount of foundation is too much, and the phenomenon of powder accumulation on the face will appear. When choosing a makeup brush, try to choose one with denser bristles and softer ones, so that there will be no brush marks. The size of the area can be selected according to your own needs. The large brush head is very efficient in applying makeup, but it may not be able to take care of the more detailed parts such as the corners of the mouth and eyes. The makeup brushes wholesale head is more convenient to use, but its makeup speed is slower. Makeup brushes are more suitable for liquid foundation with strong fluidity, and pay attention when using it, a small amount and many times. If it is a dry product, it may not be applied evenly. Makeup makeup brushes wholesale also need to be cleaned regularly, otherwise there will be a lot of agglomeration of bristles on them, which is very prone to brush marks. The above is my summary for you, the advantages and disadvantages of the three, and how to choose, store and use them for makeup!
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