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by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-26
The material introduction and use method of makeup brushes, as the saying goes: If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. The same is true for makeup. No matter how powerful a master is, without the support of good tools, it is difficult to create a perfect makeup look. Let's follow the editor to find out. Cosmetic brush material The most important part of the cosmetic brush is the hair on the brush head, some are natural animal hair, some are synthetic fiber hair. Natural animal hair has complete scales, the hair is soft, skin-friendly and non-irritating, has strong powder-holding power, and is easy to apply makeup. At the same time, the price is more expensive. The most common animal hairs on makeup brushes are: goat hair, pony hair, and mouse hair. 1. First of all, wool is a very common animal hair, and wool is a very common and common material. The most used by fairies is actually wool. Its smudge power is very good, and it is also very good at grasping powder. As an eyeshadow brush, its pigmentation is also excellent. But it also has disadvantages. After all, it can’t be perfect. Generally speaking, low-end wool brushes have no hair peaks, so some dead corners will not be covered, and the hair quality is relatively rough. The touch is just a word, sticking, And it has more or less mutton smell. 2. The second horse hair is horse hair. It has many advantages. Although the washed pony hair has a slightly hard texture, it still has a very strong grasping power, and It is also relatively flexible, and the key is that the chroma is very good. Of course, its disadvantages are also relative. Generally speaking, some cheap horse hair brushes will feel a little bit sticky, and many times they will be mixed with bristles of other materials, so it will be a little inconvenient to wash. La. 3. Squirrel hair This squirrel hair can actually be said to be the Hermes of animal hair. Its advantages are still very rich, the hair roots are very delicate, and the smudge is also very good. The touch is very soft and soft, and it goes well on the face. It feels very comfortable afterwards, like a spring breeze blowing on the face, and the luster after applying makeup is also very comfortable. Of course, it can't be perfect. The disadvantage is that its texture is too soft, so although the coloring is relatively soft, its brush shape is very fluffy, which is more suitable for heavy-color powder products. , but the price will be relatively high. Synthetic fiber bristles are smooth, and their powder-holding power and smudge power are worse than those of animal hair, but they are more cost-effective, more durable, and easier to care for. Classification of makeup brush shapes Different makeup parts have different sizes and shapes of makeup brushes. The shape of various curved, pointed or flat brush heads, whether the lines and radians of the brush head are smooth will affect the effect of makeup. There are many kinds of makeup brushes, which are mainly divided into three categories: Facial brushes: loose powder brushes, foundation brushes, blush brushes, concealer brushes Eye and lip brushes: eye shadow brushes, eyebrow brushes, eyelash brushes, lip brushes Contour brushes: highlight brushes, shadows and nose shadow brushes Because most of the daily makeup does not need so many makeup brushes wholesale, it is a waste to buy them. Sometimes merchants consider the cost, and there will be uneven quality in a set of brushes. How to use makeup brushes, for general daily makeup, these few brushes are enough. Foundation makeup brushes wholesale The foundation brush will make the base makeup more uniform, and it is usually divided into round brush, flat brush and tongue brush. 1. The flat head is suitable for liquid foundation with strong fluidity, from the inside to the outside and from top to bottom, brushing the direction of the pores. Suitable for skin with large pores. 2. The round head is suitable for powder cream with a thicker texture. Apply it on a spot and then blend it in circles, and the speed should be fast. 3. I personally do not recommend using tongue brushes for makeup beginners, as it is prone to brush marks and is time-consuming. Loose powder brush 1. Once the powder puff is used too heavily to set the makeup, the mask will be very heavy, so it is best to use a loose powder brush to set the makeup. 2. Use a brush to pick up loose powder or pressed powder, shake off the excess powder gently, and then apply makeup along the face by rolling. Contouring makeup brushes wholesale Contouring is a big project, how to do it, where to do it, and everyone's situation is different. But the grooming brush is not so troublesome, and you can get most of the makeup done by keeping two. 1. The flame brush head can be used not only as a blush brush, but also as a highlighter brush. 2. The angled brush head can not only trim the contour, but also brush the nose shadow, killing two birds with one stone. Eye shadow brush The eye shadow makeup brushes wholesale is divided into two parts: the base and the smudge. The flat tongue brush is generally used for the eye base and color, and the thinner tapered brush is required for layering or detail smudge. This is the end of the introduction of the material of the makeup brush and how to use it. The makeup brush is a good helper for daily makeup, and it is also a breeding ground for dirt, so be sure to clean it regularly. After reading the above content, do you think it is very practical? Friends who need makeup brushes can contact us.
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