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by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-27
For makeup masters, different skin care cosmetics have different makeup brushes, but for Xiaobai, there are a variety of makeup brushes on the market, good and bad, how to choose a makeup brush with high cost performance has become a problem for many Xiaobai, the following small Let me tell you about the selection skills of makeup brushes. 1. Material makeup brushes were first used by professional stylists, but due to the powerful 'learning function' of beauty-loving women, many people now use professional makeup brushes. When it comes to makeup brushes, we should first think of materials. The key point is its bristles. Generally speaking, bristles are divided into animal hair and fiber hair, which is the difference between natural and synthetic. Let’s talk about natural animal hair first, which is generally made of squirrel hair, horse hair, yellow wolf hair, etc. The makeup brushes made of different animal hairs have different characteristics. For example, the bristles of pigs are the hardest and can be used as eyebrow brushes. The squirrel hair is softer and is generally used as a powder brush. Natural animal hair has a very short lifespan, is expensive and not easy to clean, so most people choose artificial fiber hair. Compared with natural animal hair, artificial hair is more cost-effective. It is taller, very friendly to novices, the price is cheaper, and the use time is longer, but there is no doubt that artificial fiber hair is not a product of nature after all, its bristles are relatively hard, and many people may find it very pungent. 2. If the brush type is subdivided, each makeup and skin care product can be equipped with a special makeup brush, but for our daily life, this is more expensive and unnecessary, especially for novices, there are the following: These few makeup brushes are enough. First of all, the foundation brush, for applying foundation, the makeup tool that many people are more familiar with may be the makeup sponge, but I don’t know if you have encountered the problem that the makeup sponge eats powder and cannot be washed clean, and the makeup sponge has been used for a long time It is also uncomfortable to apply makeup. At this time, the foundation brush is simply a savior. Let’s take saving money as an example. The beauty sponge is especially easy to absorb makeup and skin care products, which is a waste of money, but you don’t have to think about this problem at all with the foundation brush. In addition, the foundation The makeup brushes wholesale, especially the flat brush, has a large area and less brush marks. It can easily create a thin and even foundation, and it is also very useful for Xiaobai. It is really the most cost-effective makeup makeup brushes wholesale. Secondly, loose powder brushes, needless to say, generally choose fluffy and soft ones. If the technology is good, loose powder brushes can also replace blush brushes. For novices, it is better to buy them separately. Finally, the eyebrow brush, the eyebrow brush is generally made of nylon, we need to use the eyebrow brush to remove the miscellaneous hairs on the eyebrows before trimming the eyebrows. After drawing eyebrows, you need to use an eyebrow brush to remove excess eyebrow powder, which can even out the eyebrow color, and the eyebrow brush is relatively cheap, which is very suitable for Xiaobai to use when thrushing eyebrows. In addition to foundation brushes, loose powder brushes, and eyebrow brushes, there are many types of makeup makeup brushes wholesale on the market. We need to find suitable makeup makeup brushes wholesale products according to our makeup needs, and the one that suits us is the best.
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