Makeup brush quality identification

by:Suprabeauty     2023-04-21

Quality identification of makeup brushes To identify the quality of a brush, first look at the feel of the bristles. When choosing loose powder brushes, blush brushes and eye shadow brushes, poke the back of your hand lightly with the bristles. Good bristles are soft and will not feel sticky. Whether it is natural or artificial fur, it should be soft. Lip brushes, concealer brushes, liquid foundation brushes, and eyebrow brushes are harder so that thicker cosmetics such as creams can be applied. Finally, hold the bristles lightly and run the brush across your palm to make sure the bristles don't fall out. Bristle material and application Goat hair: rich in hair, soft to the touch, soft, fine and elastic, suitable for large-scale facial coloring. Squirrel hair: The hair is extremely soft and comfortable, suitable for improving skin texture. Squirrel hair: soft texture, general elasticity, suitable for small-scale coloring of the face. Yellow wolf tail hair: The hair is slender, soft to the touch, and of good quality, suitable for fine grooming of the eyes. Sable hair: soft texture, many and fluffy bristles, which can make makeup a pleasure; the touch is light and comfortable, making the makeup effect even and obedient. It can be completely attached to the skin without harming the skin. It is generally used on sensitive areas of the skin, such as the eyes and lips. Horsehair: Soft texture, moderate elasticity. The skin feels average, and the effect of grasping the powder is better, and it is generally used for partial brightening. Raccoon fur: Soft texture, strong elasticity, mainly used for finishing after makeup. Zizimao: hard texture, strong elasticity, generally used for trimming eyebrows. Pig hair: The hair is hard and has poor elasticity. It is generally used for combing eyelashes and eyebrows.

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