Makeup brush popular science-animal hair VS artificial hair

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-12
Whether makeup brushes buy man-made fiber or animal hair is a question for many people. In recent years, man-made fiber cosmetic brushes have been widely used. On the one hand, it is the general trend. Most cosmetic tools in Europe and the United States use man-made fibers, which are environmentally friendly and sanitary.

Because animal hair has natural hairy scales, it is soft and saturated with powder, which can make the color uniform and conformable. It is suitable for brushing powder, eye shadow and other dry powder products, which can be perfectly presented Out the color of this type of product. The disadvantage is that it is expensive and difficult to maintain. In general, animal hair brushes are suitable for blending, sweeping makeup on a large area, and applying a small amount of multi-layer makeup. They are mainly used for brushing loose powder, eye shadow and so on. However, animal hair is not very friendly to allergic physiques and may cause allergies, and animal hair is best not to be used in wet cosmetics, it will easily cause the bristles to clump and the brush marks on the face are obvious.

Artificial wool includes fiber wool and nylon wool. It is smooth and has no hairy scales. It has weak powder grip and does not absorb the product too much. When using liquid foundation, lip gloss, blush cream, concealer and other wet products, it is best to choose artificial hair, which can give play to the moisturizing properties of these products. The disadvantage is that it is harder and relatively boring. This is also the reason why some people have a bad impression of man-made fiber cosmetic brushes. What the editor mentioned above is old-fashioned artificial hair. Nowadays, these artificial hair that pierces the face will only appear in cheap goods.

It should be admitted that the quality of man-made fiber cosmetic brushes varies from good to bad, and some are very cheap to buy, so the touch is really not flattering. But nowadays, due to the increasing demand for makeup brushes, materials scientists are also constantly discovering and creating various novel bristles to replace animal bristles for makeup brushes. Nowadays, there are bionic hairs and nano hairs on the market. , Bamboo charcoal fiber hair, collagen hair and other fiber hair comparable to animal hair.

Bionic hair is a kind of artificial fiber hair that simulates the properties of high-grade animal hair, such as yellow wolf tail hair, squirrel hair, and extremely fine light peak wool. The bionic hair can imitate its hair quality. , Characteristics and comfort. Not only does it feel similar to animal hair, it is also more resilient and very easy to care for. And good bionic hair also has artificial hair scales, and its grip is directly comparable to animal hair. Not only that, the new man-made fibers are also better than natural bristles in terms of hygiene.

There are dead animal epidermal cells, bacteria and some chemical residues on the surface of natural bristles. Be careful when cleaning the makeup brush, otherwise it will blow up and the like. The new man-made fibers are naturally free from these problems. So today's man-made fiber hair is enough to be comparable to animal hair, and in some respects will far exceed animal hair.

Of course, whether it is animal hair or man-made fiber, the most important thing is to choose the one that suits you and your favorite. I hope that every girl who loves beauty can choose the right makeup brush~

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