Makeup brush manufacturers tell you how to skin care in autumn-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-03-01
Makeup makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale manufacturers tell you how to take care of your skin in autumn, please follow the editor today to have a look. In autumn, the skin is always dry and itchy. How to wash your face well has become a big problem! The editor suggests that if you have dry and peeling skin, it is best to avoid facial cleansing products with too strong cleaning power and choose facial cleansers with amino acid surfactants , If you don’t have the budget to change face-washing products, you might as well make changes in your face-washing habits. Try to let the face wash foam fully on your hands before washing your face, so as to slow down the irritation of lotion. The rich foam also reduces the friction between hands and skin, making face washing It is as comfortable as going to a spa; every time you wash your face, the gestures need to be more gentle, only for the T-zone that is prone to oily massage, and the cheeks that are prone to dryness and itching just need to be worn. Although the power of the sun is slightly lessened in autumn, the autumn tiger is not to be underestimated! So don’t rush to put away your sunscreen, but an excessive proportion of chemical sunscreens is likely to cause irritation in unstable autumn, or physical ingredients clogs pores. Therefore, it is recommended to adjust the sun protection factor to reduce the burden on the skin. The basic protection of SPF15~30 is enough, and it is recommended to check whether your sunscreen has an oil control effect. and protection. The elasticity of the skin weakens during the changing seasons. The damage to the skin in summer will be fully revealed in autumn. If not only the skin is dry, but also its own elasticity is weakened, the situation can be said to be quite serious. At this time, only 1-2 weeks of continuous Intensive moisturizing and maintenance will do. Use a mask with high moisturizing properties to apply to the face every two or three days. For the parts that are in bad condition, you can also massage it, and cooperate with the intake of vitamin C, so that the skin can restore its original health as soon as possible.
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