Make-up brush or finger, which one is better for makeup?

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-13

Do I need to use a brush for makeup? This also seems to be an eternal proposition. A professional makeup artist tells you that you must use a brush! 'Wild Pie' tells you, don’t have to be so troublesome, you can do it with your own fingers! But, look at the exquisite and flawless makeup drawn by other professional makeup artists, and compare your own face that has been stuck with makeup in less than half a day, knowing Who should listen to it! In fact, you still have to use professional makeup brushes to make up, so that the painted makeup is delicate and compliant!

Because of the bacteria, temperature, etc. on the hands, Factors will affect the compliance of cosmetics! The final makeup effect is of course different. Otherwise, why do professional makeup artists need more than a dozen brushes!

See so many so Too many brushes, amateurs, our hearts are really broken! We know that makeup brushes are divided into foundation brushes, concealer brushes, loose powder brushes, highlight brushes, shadow brushes, eye contour brushes, and eye dizziness according to different parts and makeup requirements. Dyeing brushes, eyebrow brushes, lip brushes, etc.

To list so many, I don’t want you to buy all these brushes! Even if the wallet can afford it, the truth is The result of the above is that you may not be able to use it if you buy it! It does not take up space, and it causes unnecessary waste. In daily makeup, if you want a more professional makeup, you only need to streamline to four brushes to properly cover you. Enough!

Foundation brush

Generally, it is made of fiber hair, mostly flat, and there are also flat-headed ones. You can choose according to personal habits.

Although your own cute little claws can also be applied to foundation, it is definitely a special makeup brush that can make the foundation more docile and transparent.

Smudge brush

Yes, you read that right! It's this kind of small candle head brush!

Its shape is relatively small, it can blend eye sockets, draw nose shadows, and blush! I won't tell You, in fact, it is more suitable to use a small brush for blushing, especially for novice makeup users, it is easier to control the range.

Small eyeshadow brush

You can’t use your hands anymore! No matter how good the technique is, there is no brush to be even and natural!

However, eye shadow brushes generally don’t need to be bought specifically. Sometimes individuals are not so particular about it. The ones in the eyeshadow box are also OK!

Loose powder brush

A large and fluffy brush is necessary for makeup and contouring! Finish the last step of makeup When using this big brush, there will be a feeling of spring breeze.

As for how to clean the makeup brush?

In fact, it is easy to use a baby! Wipe with shampoo and olive oil, rinse with water and then dry. Of course, more demanding girls can also buy a professional makeup brush cleaner~ The girl who is used to her own paws may not use a brush at first Get used to it, but get used to it slowly! After you use it smoothly, you will find that the brush is really easier to use than your own claws! The previous makeup is scum!

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