Is it really necessary to buy makeup brushes?-Company news-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-25
First of all, we have to believe that the quality of the makeup effect has a lot to do with the quality of the tools. Secondly, it doesn't matter if you can't distinguish these various makeup brushes wholesale. Let's talk about these brushes today. 1. Loose powder brush. The brush head is large and fluffy, easy to pick up the loose powder, and evenly sweep the loose powder on the whole face in a circular motion to achieve a full-face makeup effect and prolong the makeup time. 2. Blush makeup brushes wholesale. It will be slightly smaller than the loose powder brush. The size is mainly to fit the apple skin. Choose a position that suits your face shape and gently smudge the blush to adjust the complexion of the face. 3. The slanted-head contouring brush is mainly used for dipping the contouring powder and contouring cream, and creating a three-dimensional makeup at a suitable position. 4. Fan-shaped highlight brush. The contact area of ​​the brush is relatively large, and it is very easy to pick up the amount. This is more suitable for the cheekbones, forehead, and chin, where it needs to be spread evenly. 5. Oblique head nose shadow brush. The soft and small brush head with bevel angle fits the bridge of the nose, the root of the mountain and the triangular area under the eyebrows, brushes out the shadow of the bridge of the nose, and makes the bridge of the nose more three-dimensional visually. 6. Flame head smudge brush. Fluffy and soft round small brush head, when the edges of different eye shadow colors are too clear, it can be used. The smudge brush can transition the color levels of different eye shadows evenly and naturally. 7. Large eyeshadow brush. The fluffy round brush is suitable for applying large areas of color eye shadow on the entire eyelid. 8. Medium eyeshadow brush. It is suitable for layering color after eye primer. Finally, add a smudge brush. 9. Flat head eyeliner brush. The small flat brush head with short hairs is used for smudging and coloring the main color eye shadow on the eyelid crease or the triangle area at the end of the eye. You can also use this brush to directly pick up eyeshadow and draw eyeliner. It is highly recommended for scheming and smoky makeup. 10. Tapered detail brush. Its tapered brush is perfect for highlighting eye makeup in fine detail and for perfect color-burning in fine detail for rich, layered texture. We usually do the highlighting in the middle of the eyelid or the lower eyelid. 11. Concealer brush. The small flat brush head is used to dip in concealer to cover dark circles, acne marks and spots. 12. Eyebrow brush. The small brush head with a hard bevel can easily pick up the eyebrow powder and outline a precise eyebrow shape. It can also be filled in naturally. In fact, many people have doubts, why can't they directly replace various makeup makeup brushes wholesale with their hands? Normally, when applying makeup with hands, it is easy to press all kinds of makeup products too hard, making the makeup look stiff and rigid. A good makeup brush will help our makeup to improve the layering a lot, and the whole makeup will be more natural.
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