Is it necessary to buy expensive makeup brushes?-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-27
Is it necessary to buy expensive makeup brushes? If you are a professional makeup artist, it is of course better to buy expensive ones. Expensive has its advantages. Generally, high-end animal hair is very expensive. Artificial fiber hair is much cheaper. For beginners, whether it is expensive or not depends on their own inner thoughts. If you are a novice to buy makeup makeup brushes wholesale, I suggest buying cheap or medium makeup brushes. After using it proficiently, you can buy expensive makeup brushes. makeup brushes wholesale. Advantages of animal hair makeup brushes: Wool The advantages are: the most common material, good smudging, good powder grip, and good eyeshadow coloring. The disadvantages are: there will be some sheep food smell, and the lower-grade wool brushes have no hair peaks, the hair quality is rough, and the touch is more pungent. Advantages of the animal hair brush: the tongue-shaped makeup brushes wholesale head can spread the foundation quickly and smoothly, making the foundation more suitable for the skin, smooth and delicate without traces, and the makeup feels light and transparent, which can play the effect of the foundation well; its own characteristics: cat tongue-shaped bristles, It can be applied on a large area; the strong bristle tip design conveys precise strength, and can be applied to the nose, eyes, mouth and other parts more easily and conveniently. Compared with powder puff or fingers, it can save foundation products more effectively. Advantages of artificial fiber hair cosmetic brushes: Artificial fiber hair cosmetic brushes have both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are: it is better for sensitive skin, has no smell of animal hair, is not afraid of water and oil, is more washable, and will not deform, so most foundation brushes, eyeliner brushes, and lip makeup brushes wholesale are made of artificial fiber hair. The disadvantages are: the smudging power is average, the eye shadow is not easy to smudge, and the brush is relatively hard, which may pierce the face. Is it necessary to buy expensive makeup brushes? The content is here. In fact, the price of makeup brushes depends on the popularity of the brand. Many foreign makeup brushes are very expensive, but the quality is similar to the domestic medium price. Buying makeup brushes can be selected according to their own economic conditions, not makeup brushes are more expensive the better.
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