Is it better to use powder puff for barrier cream? Can I use powder puff for barrier cream?

by:Suprabeauty     2021-12-14
Under normal circumstances, the barrier cream can be used by hand or with a powder puff, and the barrier cream can be spread evenly, mainly depending on personal usage habits and preferences. Let's take a look at it in detail below! Isolation cream is a relatively common color cosmetic product, it is easy to use, can well modify the skin, and is deeply loved by people. Do I need to use a powder puff for the base cream?

Can I use powder puff for applying barrier cream?

Can I use powder puff for applying barrier cream.

First, apply the barrier cream on the whole face first, starting from the forehead and cheeks, then the corners of the mouth and jaw area. Especially the corners of the mouth, which are prone to shadows, must not be forgotten.

Next, use one side of the round puff to push away the isolation. The order that must be followed is to push from the inside to the outside. Use the index finger to press the puff with appropriate strength and push it outward at the same time, which can promote the uniform absorption and fit of the isolation.

Next, fold the puff in two, dipped in some isolation cream, and gently press the sides of the nose and the corners of the mouth. Shadows will often appear in these two places due to the effect of light. Appropriate emphasis and thickening can make the face look more three-dimensional.

Finally, apply a small amount of base cream on the puff, and gently press on the eyelids. The skin around the eyelids is thin, so just a few taps. If you feel necessary, tap the corners of your eyes and temples again.

It is better to use a powder puff for your hand or to look at your skin type and cosmetic properties. I wiped the barrier milk by hand and felt it spread. If I use a puff, I can wipe it more evenly and it will definitely be more hygienic.

The method of using the barrier cream is as follows:

The first step: First apply on the protruding part of the cheek bones, using the middle finger and ring finger to gently move from the inside to the outside.

Step 2: The nose is easy to be greasy, the less the amount the better, the wing part of the nose is easy to accumulate the barrier cream, and the puff is applied by pressing.

Step 3: Apply a circle on the chin. The extended face and neck also need to be gently applied with a powder puff.

Step 4: Press and apply from the corner of the eye to the corner of the eye, gently press with the middle finger and ring finger. The end of the eye is not easy to reach, you can gently lift the corner of the eye with one hand.

Step 5: The subtle areas such as the hairline and the corners of the mouth are easily overlooked. Use a powder puff to gently press.

How to use the base cream correctly

First of all, when applying the base cream, it must not be applied too thick, otherwise it will cause a burden on our skin.

Try to choose a clear, thin, and transparent base cream. A thin layer is very easy to push, and the skin can breathe freely without clogging the pores.

The time to apply the base cream must be done 15 minutes before going out.

Smearing technique:

1. Shake the barrier cream first, and then pour it on the back of our hand.

2. Dip the cream on the cheekbones and circle the cheekbones: Use the two beauty fingers of the middle finger and the ring finger to apply a little cream on our cheekbones and make a circle.

3. Smear the chin, use the same circular motion to smear the chin; smear the forehead, draw a circle from the inside to the temples; smear around the bun line, use a sponge to apply an appropriate amount of isolation cream Apply around the bun line; apply to the nose and sides, and use the sponge to apply to both sides of the nose.

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