Is it a brush or a sponge for liquid foundation?

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-09
The two makeup tools, foundation brush and sponge puff, each have their own advantages and disadvantages, and different methods of use can create different makeup effects. For Xiaobai, a novice in the makeup industry, sponge puff is easier to get started than foundation brush, because it will leave powder marks if you accidentally apply makeup with foundation brush. The operation of the foundation brush is more flexible, which can make the makeup light, thin and even, and its material is more durable. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to master its strength, and it is more suitable for people who are skilled in makeup. Sponge puffs can handle the details of makeup very well, and it is relatively elastic, not as prone to indentation like foundation brushes, the disadvantage is that it is a bit powdery. Both the foundation brush and the sponge puff require regular cleaning work, otherwise bacteria and microorganisms will grow and cause troublesome skin problems such as acne, acne, redness and so on. Sponge puffs need to be replaced every once in a while, otherwise it will not only cause damage to the skin, but also affect the makeup effect. Brushes for base makeup or sponge makeup brushes and sponge eggs are two commonly used makeup tools when painting base makeup. The makeup brushes used to apply liquid foundation generally have a short brush head, and the bristles on the makeup brush have a certain degree of grip. You can sweep away the liquid foundation to make the liquid foundation lighter on the face. However, the quality of cosmetic brushes on the market now varies greatly. Regardless of the brush rod, the hair quality is also very different. If you use a makeup brush with poor hair quality and poor grip, there will be traces of brushing on your face when you apply the liquid foundation, making the makeup look uncomfortable. Therefore, if you want to use a makeup brush, you must first choose one that has a better sense of use, so that the makeup you draw will look better. However, makeup brushes are still not suitable for makeup Xiaobai, because makeup is already difficult for them, and it is even more difficult to choose a makeup brush that suits them and has a good feel, so the sponge egg will play its role. What it does. Sponge eggs are also a better tool for painting foundation makeup. Because of the sponge material, they are more delicate. When the liquid foundation is applied, the liquid foundation will be more compliant, and the sponge eggs also have a certain adsorption capacity and can absorb Remove the excess liquid foundation on our face, so that the base makeup is not so heavy, and it will look more even and thin. Generally, the sponge eggs on the market have the same texture. Just choose a fine and soft one. It is much simpler than makeup brushes, and it is also a better choice for makeup whites. In summary, girls with better makeup skills can choose makeup brushes, and girls who are not very skilled in makeup can choose sponge eggs.  
The foundation brush is suitable for the crowd. The advantages of brush makeup can completely retain the original texture of the foundation, the operation is flexible, the thickness of the foundation makeup brushed out is uniform, and the service life is relatively long. The only thing is that the strength is not easy to master, and it is easy to appear powder It is suitable for people who are more proficient in makeup. Foundation brushes are mainly divided into: tongue-shaped brush, flat-head brush, round-head brush, toothbrush type, etc. But the tongue-shaped brush is used like painting, it is very prone to powder marks, so it is very not Recommended for make-up novices~  
Sponge suitable for people compared with brushes, sponges are more detailed in detail, and blemish parts can be covered better. It has good elasticity, and there will be no obvious indentation when pressed, and the makeup effect will be more obvious. But it will be more troublesome when dealing with large areas, and it will be more powdery. No matter which makeup tool you use, regular cleaning or replacement is a must-do. If you do not pay attention to this aspect of hygiene, it is very easy to breed bacteria and cause skin problems. , Such as closed mouth, acne, etc.
The main points of using a sponge to flutter:   1. Hands and sponge tools are clean.  2. Use your fingers to apply the liquid foundation on your face, and then use a sponge to push the foundation away.  3. The sharp points can be modified for details, such as the eyes and the wings of the nose.  
The main points of using sponge eggs:    1. The sponge eggs and hands are clean.  2. Sponge eggs need to be wetted. Remember to squeeze out the water after soaking. A slightly damp sponge egg helps the foundation to be more conformable.  3. Gently pat the foundation on the face with a sponge egg. The smaller area of u200bu200bthe sponge egg can be used to modify the details.   The third type: use a foundation brush. The foundation brush is suitable for girls with good skin, but it is not suitable for girls with many blemishes.   Foundation brushes are generally divided into round-head foundation brushes and flat-head foundation brushes. The brush head is different, and the makeup method is also different.  
The main points of using foundation brush:   1. Clean hands and makeup tools.  2. Make-up technique of flat-head foundation brush: squeeze the liquid foundation on the back of the hand, then dip the foundation brush into the liquid foundation, draw a few pieces of foundation on the face, and then push it away with the foundation brush.  3. Make-up technique of round foundation brush: Use your fingers to apply the liquid foundation on your face, and then use the foundation brush to push the foundation away in circular motions.  
Some tips for everyone:    1. No matter what kind of makeup technique, it must be gently pushed or opened.  2. For girls with blemish skin, it is not recommended to use many layers of foundation to cover up the blemishes. It is recommended to use concealer products to cover up the blemishes.
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