Is a brush or puff better for loose powder? Advantages and disadvantages of brush puff? Common sense of cosmetics

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-10
In our daily life, many people use loose powder to set makeup. Many beautiful eyebrows use makeup tools to help apply makeup. Loose powder brush and powder puff are two common makeup tools, so it is better to use a brush for loose powder Good puff? Use powder puff or brush for loose powder?   Is it better to use a brush for loose powder or a powder puff.   The advantages of powder puff:    strong adsorption capacity. The makeup is delicate and flawless, and the powder is more uniform and natural. The key is that the puff has a better texture and strong adsorption capacity.   Strong ability to catch fans. The loose powder is used just right to absorb excess oil on the face and is not afraid of smudging makeup. Disadvantages of    powder puff:    is also because it grabs more powder. After you pour it on your face, you will feel the makeup is too fake, and the skin lines will be highlighted.  Loose powder   The advantages of powder brush:   The amount of powder grabbing is easy to control. The loose powder brush is dipped in the loose powder and swept gently on the face, the amount of powder will not be too much, and the makeup will be more natural. Disadvantages of    powder brushing:    powder brushing some of the fiber bristles products, if your skin is more sensitive and fragile, it is recommended to use powder puff.   The effect of loose powder brushing is much better than powder puff. Because it is more flexible to apply makeup with loose powder, there is no need to worry about accidentally dipping in too much loose powder, which will cause the face to be too dry and cause fine lines and dry lines. And when using the loose powder brush, it is mainly done by sweeping, which is more effective than the pressing method of the powder puff and can make the makeup look more natural.  Puffs generally have a relatively large area and a relatively flat shape. If you use a powder puff to apply loose powder, you usually press the entire powder puff into the loose powder box and dip it. Once you get too heavy, you will get a lot of powder and it will easily clog your pores after applying it. And for people with dry skin, it will make the skin drier, which may cause peeling in severe cases.   When choosing a loose paint brush, be sure to choose a brush with a large head area and soft bristles. Because the larger the brush head area, the more natural the makeup is. Imagine that if the shape of the brush head is too small, it will be very limited when applying loose powder, and only a small area can be applied. This can easily cause loose powder to accumulate and cause local skin to become too dry. And if the area of u200bu200bthe loose powder brush is particularly large, even if you apply too much weight when dipping it, there will be a lot of powder flying away after applying it to the face, and the amount left on the face will be just right.   The brush head is too hard to cause damage to the skin. Because of the extremely hard brush head, the friction force is very high, the workmanship is particularly rough, and it is easy to scratch the skin after applying the face. Although there are no visible scars, long-term use will bring more lines to the skin. When using the loose powder brush, pay attention to the technique to be light, as long as you apply a large area along the contour of the face. In this way, you can not only notice the small corners of the nose and the corners of the eyes, but also make the base makeup more compliant and last longer.
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