Introduction of 24 Makeup Brushes - Names and Uses of Makeup Brushes

by:Suprabeauty     2023-03-07
This article mainly introduces the 24 cosmetic brushes and explains them in detail. Cosmetic makeup brushes wholesale are women's daily necessities. Make-up is not only for looking good, but also a kind of etiquette. Generally, people who pay attention to their appearance when going out are more flattering. In view of the fact that many netizens do not know the names and functions of makeup brushes very well, today the editor specially prepared a detailed introduction of 24 makeup brushes for your reference. 24 cosmetic makeup brushes wholesale are introduced with attached drawings: The function of the cosmetic brushes is introduced from left to right according to the above picture: At the end, if the force is too strong, it will become 90 degrees. In order to make the eyelashes curved for a long time, you can preheat them with a hair dryer in advance. The function of the mascara brush is to straighten the eyelashes and make the eyelashes look stylish. How to use the eyebrow comb: the function of the eyebrow comb is simple, it is mainly used to comb the eyebrow hair. How to use the small fan-shaped powder brush: The main function of the small fan-shaped powder brush is to sweep away the excess setting powder of the eye shadow, and the action should be light to avoid staining the foundation. How to use the sponge stick: When you use the liquid foundation to smear the nose, mouth corners, eye area and hairline, the sponge is the best tool to use. When applying the base color, you can first put some base color on the face, and then use a sponge to wipe it evenly; it is also very effective to rub the blush with a sponge; you can also use a sponge to modify the lip color, first apply lipstick, and then use a sponge to lighten the color Smudge until the color is softer. How to use the eyeliner brush: The eyeliner brush makes the thick or hard lines drawn by the eyeliner soft and natural. The eyeliner brush can be used to transition the outer edge of the eyeliner, creating a layered sense of smudged ink painting, and the beauty with low eyes and shyness is all in it. How to use the concealer brush: Dip a proper amount of cosmetics (concealer, liquid foundation, etc.) with a brush, and then place on the edge of the concealer to lighten the border smudge. Remember to use a small amount several times. How to use the eyebrow makeup brushes wholesale: The angled eyebrow brush can draw fine eyebrow shapes, and it is divided into two types: hard bristle eyebrow brush and soft bristle brow brush. The soft-bristled eyebrow brush is used to pick up powdered brow makeup, and can also be used to draw eyeliner after spraying the bristles wet. The brow makeup brushes wholesale with bristles is used to pick up waxy brow makeup for a clear and natural color. How to use the lip brush: The method of using the lip brush is actually very simple. First, put the lip brush on the lipstick to pick up the color; then use the middle of the lip as the boundary, and draw a line on the lower lip; The edge of the lip shape is traced with a lip brush; it is enough to fill up the entire lip at last. How to use the eye shadow brush: Generally, there are only two brushes in the eye shadow palette, which can be used to make a base, brighten the corner of the eye, or smudge the dark end of the eye. Many people think that the brush that comes with the eye shadow palette is difficult to use. The eye shadow brush is a small-sized brush used to deal with eye details, and it is basically smaller than the above-mentioned small-sized beveled nose shadow brush. How to use the highlight brush: The highlights are mostly used on the T-shaped area and cheekbones. After applying makeup, use a brush to dip a little highlight powder, and gently brush a T-shape from the middle of the eyebrows to the nose. How to use the smudge brush: The smudge brush is actually what we call an eye shadow brush. Maybe many people don’t like to draw eye shadow, but sometimes it is necessary to draw a good-looking eye shadow, and the eye shadow brush can help us more evenly The coloring creates a more layered eye makeup. How to use foundation brush: After basic skin care, apply makeup primer. Squeeze the liquid foundation on the back of your hand. If you are afraid of dryness, you can add a little lotion and mix well. Dip the liquid foundation with a brush and spread evenly. Then brush the face directly, the direction is from the inside to the outside, the strength is heavy on the inside and light on the outside, carefully makeup brushes wholesale the whole face, pay attention to the control, otherwise it will leave powder marks. When brushing, pay attention to the details of the corners of the mouth, under the eyes and nose, and use a brush to gently brush the foundation. Finally, brush with a thin layer of loose powder on it. How to use the blush brush: from the cheekbones to the temples, and then brush back from the ears to the cheekbones. Finally, from the cheekbones, brush down vertically along the direction of the masseter muscle to create a shadow effect and make the makeup more three-dimensional. Use an orange-red blush and brush from the middle of the cheekbones horizontally toward the ears. Then use the blush brush to re-apply the blush, and increase the blush of the blush on both sides of the nose, so that the whole makeup effect is more obvious, giving people a hangover and innocent feeling of cuteness. How to use the contour brush: It is about the same size as the blush brush but with a flat head, it is used to shade the face to make the contour lines clearer. A brush with short, round bristles, used to apply dark blush, brush under the cheekbones to make the cheekbones stand out, this is only optional, if you want to make your makeup look mature, you should use this brush, if you want to look cute Naturally, there is no need for this brush. The beveled brush head is especially suitable for creating a three-dimensional effect on the face. When using it, it is usually brushed obliquely from the temples to the cheekbones. How to use the powder brush: Use the powder brush with rich hair to pick up the powder in 360 degrees, sweep out a supernatural round makeup, and make the powder and foundation evenly blend, making the makeup look more natural. We can use it instead of a puff, and it applies makeup more evenly than a puff, revealing a smoother complexion. The name and function of the 24 cosmetic brushes are introduced here. It is a professional manufacturer of cosmetic makeup brushes wholesale. 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