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by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-26
Introduction and use of makeup brush: Foundation makeup brushes wholesale The foundation brush is specially designed for applying liquid foundation and foundation cream. Should the foundation brush be wet before use? In fact, the foundation brush does not need to be wet before applying makeup, because its The bristles are thin and thin, which can apply foundation well. Makeup is applied evenly on our face and heavy makeup can be avoided. Is a foundation brush really better than a beauty egg? Compared with a sponge, a foundation brush is a good way to avoid foundation makeup. As for which one is better to use, it is a matter of opinion. Concealer brush What does a concealer brush look like? Concealer brushes are generally flat-headed makeup brushes. Its bristles are relatively tight, and the concealer brush is relatively small, which is convenient for us to apply concealer. There are many differences between concealer brushes and lip brushes, so concealer brushes and lip brushes are not universal. The use of the concealer brush is very simple, and after mastering, it can cover the blemishes on our face very well. Loose powder brush Loose powder brush is a brush used to apply loose powder, it can help us to carry out the process of setting makeup well. What kind of hair is good for loose powder? In fact, it depends on personal needs. Among all cosmetic brushes, mink hair, squirrel hair and other hairs are more precious, so the price will be more expensive. For example, if ordinary horse hair, wool, and fiber are wool, the price will be more affordable, but at the same time, the quality of wool may be more expensive. Not as good as mink and squirrel, consumers can choose according to their own needs. Blush brush What does a blush brush look like? There are many shapes of blush brushes, such as fan-shaped, flame-shaped, etc., so what shape should the blush brush choose? This depends on individual needs, such as wanting a little Blush, if you want to brighten the blush, you can choose a flaming blush brush. If you want to draw a Japanese-style makeup, it is recommended to buy a fan-shaped blush brush, so that the blush drawn is fuller. What types of eye shadow brushes are there? According to different uses, eye shadow brushes can be divided into primer brushes, medium/small eye shadow brushes, tapered brushes, C-shaped brushes, lower eyelid brushes, smudge brushes, eyeliner brushes, and eye shadow brushes. . When using an eye shadow brush, pay attention to cleaning the eye shadow brush regularly. Although the eye shadow makeup brushes wholesale does not need to be cleaned once, regular cleaning can ensure its cleanliness. Eyebrow brush Eyebrow brush, as the name suggests, is a cosmetic tool used to trim eyebrows. The hair quality of the eyebrow brush should be selected according to your own needs. Generally speaking, soft eyebrow brushes are used to pick powdery eyebrow makeup, and hard eyebrow makeup brushes wholesale are used to pick waxy eyebrow makeup. The eyebrow brush has many functions. In addition to drawing eyebrows, it can also help the eyelashes stand up after curling them.
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