Introduction and use of eye makeup brushes Classification and usage of makeup brushes

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-10
Makeup brushes are an important makeup tool. Different types of makeup brushes can meet different makeup needs. If you subdivide the makeup brushes used in different parts, you can count dozens of them. Here we mainly share the eye makeup brushes Introduce and use, let's understand the classification and usage of makeup brushes together!   Eye base brush:    has a relatively flat shape, denser bristles, and soft upper eyes. It can be used as a primer for large areas of eyelids, and it can also be used to blend the edges of eye shadows.   When choosing, pay attention to choosing the ones with soft and dense bristles and strong powder-grabbing power.   Flat Eyeshadow Brush:    is very flat in shape, with hard and dense bristles, which can press the glitter or matte color on a specific position of the eye.   Smudge brush:    is similar in shape to flames, and the bristles are soft and fluffy. It is mainly used to smudge eyeshadow.   It is recommended to buy a smudge brush with a small brush head, which is more suitable for Asian eyes and can also be used to smudge the eye sockets.  Pencil brush:    is similar in shape to a pencil, with a pointed tip and soft and dense bristles. It is mainly used to smudge the lower eyeliner and brighten the inner corner of the eye.   When buying, pay attention to choosing bristles that are soft enough and not pierced, otherwise it will not be good for the skin under the eyes.   Flat-head brush:    The bristles are flat and dense, relatively hard, mainly used for fine work such as drawing eyeliner and inner eyeliner.   Eyeshadow brush:    has hard and dense bristles. It is specially designed for cream products. It can grab enough cream and apply it to the eyes by pressing or smearing.   If you often use eyeshadow, you can consider it. It will be more hygienic and clean than applying the makeup directly with your fingers.   The above is the introduction and use of six eye makeup brushes. If you don’t need to apply too detailed makeup, you only need to start with one or two according to your needs when painting eye makeup. Avoid idleness and waste without having to start all.
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