Introduction and usage skills of makeup brushes-Company news-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-26
Many female friends may be inseparable from makeup in their daily life. Makeup can make people look full and energetic, and at the same time can make people look more beautiful and beautiful. There are many, many contents about makeup techniques. Take the most basic makeup tools as an example, there are many different makeup tools, and different makeup tools have different functions. What I want to introduce to you in this issue is makeup makeup brushes wholesale. There are many types of makeup brushes, so how to use them? Apply to the eye sockets, the color becomes lighter as you go up, pay attention to the uniform layer when applying. Choose the flat and thin brush head of animal hair, in the process of brushing eye shadow, it can make the makeup more fresh and even in color. 2. Detail eyeshadow brush The core design is to use the tip of the makeup brushes wholesale to draw details similar to eyeliner, use the side to sweep out the facial contours, and precisely position and shape the eyeshadow at the corners or ends of the eyes to make the makeup more three-dimensional and deep. 3. Positioning the blush brush At the smile muscle, apply the blush on the face in a circle. In order to get the blush just right, it is best to keep smiling and sweep away from the highest point of the smile. It should be noted that there must be a certain gap between the blush and eye makeup, nose, and corners of the mouth, and they should not be integrated. 4. The soft powder brush can be used to set the makeup or remove oily light after the foundation makeup or before the makeup is finished. It can also be used to brush blush or outline shadows, but pay attention to each use Makeup makeup brushes wholesale are different, so you need to clean the makeup brushes, don't use them alternately. 5. Precise contour sweep to clean the lips, lightly sweep the shadow on the depression under the cheekbones, you can also sweep the dark blush here to form a three-dimensional effect, you can also use an oblique sweep to apply the shadow on the cheeks and chin, to reduce the contours of the face.
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