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by:Suprabeauty     2023-03-05
Let me introduce you a professional makeup brush manufacturer with good technology. Makeup brush manufacturers pay attention to the division of labor. Therefore, there are eyebrow makeup brushes wholesale for thrush, eye shadow brushes, eyeliner brushes, eye crease brushes, lip brushes, powder brushes, etc. , the era when the big, medium and small brushes ruled the world has passed. But with so many tools, can makeup brushes completely replace traditional makeup tools? Can powder pads and cotton pads be discarded? The answer is no. Take the important step of 'making foundation' in make-up as an example. The powder puff is still a good tool to spread the foundation evenly. Makeup will be more natural, so brushes and other tools that everyone used to be used to should be good helpers that complement each other, instead of replacing old habits with new things. The bristles of cosmetic brush manufacturers professional cosmetic brushes are generally divided into animal hair and synthetic hair. Natural animal wool has complete hair scales, so the hair is soft and saturated with powder, which can make the color even and docile, and does not irritate the skin. Generally speaking, animal hair is the best material for makeup brush bristles. Makeup makeup brushes wholesale should be handy to make the makeup beautiful, maybe you are only missing a set of tools. Makeup brushes have moved from the hands of professional stylists to those who love beauty. According to the makeup artist, mink hair is the best of the bristles, with a soft and moderate texture. Cosmetic brush manufacturers Cosmetic brush goat hair is a common animal hair material, soft and durable. The texture of pony hair is softer and more elastic than ordinary horse hair. Artificial fur artificial fiber is harder than animal hair, suitable for cream makeup with thick texture. Nylon has a hard texture, and cosmetic brushes are mostly used as eyelash brushes and eyebrow brushes. Cosmetic brush manufacturers Cosmetic brushes With the passage of time and the changes of the times, the functions of many brushes have new interpretations. Take foundation as an example. The traditional foundation brushes used by cosmetic brush manufacturers are flat in shape, and the powder touches the skin. It is more considerate and adopts the side method, that is, the side of the makeup brushes wholesale touches the face. Nowadays, with the continuous advancement of makeup technology and the continuous update of makeup products, the style and function of the brush have also been updated. Now it is used for foundation and makeup brushes. The most adopted and popular one is the flat brush represented by the flat brush, which can be used for powder foundation or cream foundation. , makeup brush manufacturers make up the part of the makeup brush that uses a flat brush head, the hair peak is soft and delicate, and the makeup brush is naturally well-proportioned for applying foundation. This is the most popular one now. Of course, we have been innovating all the time. The new flat-head bevel foundation brush is also in production and will be more powerful.
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