Illustration of the use of 7 makeup brush sets-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-03-07
Diagram of the use of 7 makeup brush sets. Many people don’t know much about makeup sets. Generally, the sets are mostly used for heavy makeup. There are too many practical skills for makeup brushes. Each brush has a different function. Let’s introduce it below I will explain to you the purpose of the 7 makeup brushes set. 1. Large powder brush It can be used as a primer for large areas of eye shadow, and it can also be used to apply foundation. 2. Foundation brush The function of the foundation brush is to apply liquid foundation and foundation cream evenly on the face; the foundation brush can be selected according to the following points: the density of the bristles should be tight, and the bristles should be harder; the bristles should be inclined and trapezoidal First, choose a brush with better hair elasticity; it is best to choose mink hair or synthetic fiber for the material. 3. Nose bridge brush How to use the nose bridge brush 4. Fan-shaped brush The main function of the fan-shaped brush is to sweep away excess loose powder and eye shadow powder on the face. 5. Eye shadow makeup brushes wholesale Eye shadow brushes can show soft colors, and can be subdivided into many different models according to their functions. If you don’t know how to choose, it is recommended to choose one large, medium and small eye shadow brush first; the large brush is used to apply light-colored eye shadow as a base; the medium brush can be used to modify the eyes more carefully; the small brush is used to Detailing eyeshadow, especially one with a tight, angled brush, can be used to enhance the contours of the eyes. 6. Concealer brush As the name suggests, the concealer makeup brushes wholesale is used to apply concealer products to areas that need to be concealed, such as spots, acne marks, dark circles and so on. It can help you to build the details. Usually used in conjunction with a foundation brush, using a concealer brush can make the concealer effect more even and natural. 7. Lip brush Lip brush can be used to brush lipstick and lip gloss, and can also be used to brush eyeliner. When applying lipstick, start from the lower lip. Within the drawn lip line, apply from the inside out. When applying lip gloss with a lip brush, do not use too much force, and do not let the bristles bend too much, so as not to fall off and break. Cleaning method of makeup brushes: 1. The bristles from animals are softer (and more expensive), but the brushes made of mink hair are not the best. Animal hair will gradually soften and age over time. The better it is, the better it does not need to be washed too often. If it is used with care, it can be washed once every two months to a quarter. 2. Some synthetic bristles need to be cleaned every 2 to 3 weeks. They can be cleaned with a professional makeup brush cleaner or neutral lotion. That’s all for today’s illustration of the use of the 7 makeup brush sets. After using the makeup brushes, you should pay more attention to cleaning them. Otherwise, the bacteria on the brushes will cause damage to the skin and may cause allergies. How to use and the types of makeup brushes There are many, if you don't understand, you can contact customer service for consultation.
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