How to use the makeup brush set? How to use the set brush-Company news-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-28
1. Fan-shaped brush use: highlighting powder to remove remaining powder How to use: Dip the brush into the highlighting powder and gently brush to the place that needs to be brightened, such as: cheeks, nose, forehead, chin or lip edge, etc.; 2. Foundation brush use: Used for base makeup such as primer or liquid foundation How to use: Dip the liquid foundation with a brush and apply it on the forehead, cheeks and chin, and spread evenly from the center of the face to the hairline on the forehead; 3. Concealer brush usage: Concealer and skin-friendly method of use: Use the end of the brush to gently dip a small amount of concealer product, and press it evenly on the face with light taps; Apply evenly from the center of the face to the surroundings in a large circle; 5. Use of the contouring brush: the strength of the contouring can be controlled, and the effect can be multiplied 6. Use of eyeliner brush: Same as liquid eyeliner with brush. How to use: Use a brush to dip a small amount of eye shadow or ointment, next to the root of eyelashes, from the inner corner to the middle, and then from the middle to the end of the eye; 7. Eyebrow makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale use: professional eyebrow drawing tool to draw more delicate eyebrow makeup How to use: Dip a small amount of eyebrow powder with the end of the brush to trace the eyebrow shape, and then use the black spiral eyebrow brush to even out the eyebrow powder to make the eyebrow makeup feel natural; 8. Application of eye shadow brush: convenient for applying eye shadow How to use: Dip the end of the brush to take a small amount of eye shadow and apply it evenly to the eyelids; 9. Use of smoky eye shadow brush: Even smoky makeup left and right to blend the eye shadow, making the smoke more soft and natural; 10. Eye shadow blending brush use: to make eye shadow makeup softer How to use: blend the eye sockets back and forth to make the eye shadow more skin-friendly and more natural.
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