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by:Suprabeauty     2023-03-01
How to use the makeup makeup brushes wholesale set, makeup brushes are the basic tool for modern people's makeup, for newcomers, it will be a bit confusing when they come into contact with unfamiliar things, and the appearance of makeup brushes is not very friendly to newcomers. In particular, cosmetic brush sets commonly used in makeup sets generally have 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, etc. Below we will explain to you what the 11 cosmetic brushes are called and what their functions are. ① Number brush: foundation brush. The brush head is relatively large, which can apply foundation and blemish cream on a large area, making the base makeup more natural and even. If you need to modify a relatively small place, you can use the tip of the brush to handle it. Generally, it is made of synthetic fiber, because The hardness of the material is high, so it is easier to use, especially for creamy makeup. ② Number brush: honey powder brush. It is used to remove excess floating powder on the face. It is also the largest brush among all makeup brushes. Its material is usually animal hair, such as (squirrel hair, small wool). If the high-end ones also have mink hair, there are generally two shapes , one is a conical powder brush, which is more suitable for facial details. The conical powder brush has a large amount of powder, which is easier to apply makeup. The bristles are fluffy, which is more suitable for the face. Fan-shaped The powder brush has good precision and angle. When sweeping, it can be used to apply powder on a large area. When used diagonally, it can be used for highlighting. When used vertically, it can target details such as the nose. Therefore, the two makeup brushes wholesale have their own differences. Long, the effect is better when used together. ③ Number brush: Silhouette brush. Also known as contour brush, it is mainly used to modify the outer contour of the face. You can choose a brush with long bristles and soft touch. ④Brush No.: Blush brush. Also known as the rouge brush, it is mainly used to sweep blush and rouge. The blush brush with a sloped brush head is better to use. When using it, the belly of the brush head should be close to the face. The material of the bristles is recommended to use animal hair. The surface of the brush is soft, because it is used on a veneer, and if the material is too hard, it will hurt the face. Generally, the materials used in the blush brushes on the market are natural materials such as horse hair, wool, squirrel or squirrel tail hair. No. 5: Eyebrow brush. The eyebrow brush with a beveled knife-shaped surface can draw exquisite eyebrow shapes. It is generally divided into two types: hard brush and soft brush. Dip it into hard cosmetics such as wax to make the eyebrow color fresh and natural. No. 6 brush: spiral brush. This brush is generally used to brush off the excess eyebrow powder on the eyebrows. In addition, if the eyelashes are knotted, you can use this brush to brush away the agglomerates above. No. 7 brush: double-ended brush. It consists of an eyelash comb and a toothbrush-shaped eyebrow brush. The eyebrow brush is generally made of synthetic fibers. The bristles are soft and hard. It is easier to shape the scattered eyebrows into a natural shape. The eyelash comb is used After mascara, it is used to comb unnatural eyelashes and let the eyelashes form naturally. ⑧ : eye shadow brush. This brush is related to the effect of eye shadow makeup. Three different sizes of eye shadow brushes have their own effects. The eye shadow brush is the most varied in the makeup brush set. The brush head is oblate and divided into three types: large, medium and small. , the large eye shadow brush is mainly used for large-scale eye shadow powder, the medium eye shadow brush can be used to modify the eye shadow in a more detailed way, and the small eye shadow brush is mainly used to draw thinner lines and eye contours for comparison Delicate makeup such as the base of the lashes and an accent color for enhanced drawing on the lower eyelid. No. 9: Eyeliner brush. The brush head is mainly thin and thin, which can be used to draw more precise eyeliner. It is a round eyeliner brush for dipping eyeliner powder and liquid eyeliner products. No. 10: lip brush. It is used to outline the lip shape to make the lips full and even in color. The thin round lip brush is suitable for drawing the line of the lip peak and the line of the inner lip corner. It is mainly used to outline the pure line outline of the mouth. No. 11: makeup brush. It is a hand brush used for make-up. It is slightly different from the cosmetic brush used for beauty makeup. The hair of the cosmetic brush used in make-up is relatively soft, and the tip hair is relatively thin. It is easier to smudge when applying makeup. The makeup brush is divided into large, medium and Small and large size makeup brushes are suitable for a wide range of use, medium size brushes can be used to draw eye shadow and lip contour lines, etc., small size brushes can be used to draw eyeliner and lip liner, clean with cleansing oil after use, use When using one pen for one color, don’t use one pen for different colors at the same time, which will affect the purity of the color drawn and make the makeup surface untidy and clean. The above is the whole content of 'How to use makeup brush sets?' shared by the editor, I hope it can help you.
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