How to use the facial cleansing brush correctly? -

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-18
The face wash makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale makes the eyebrow shape more three-dimensional. The eyebrow comb and the eyebrow comb are designed on both sides. The comb side can be used to organize the eyebrow shape, which is convenient for eyebrow trimming. The hair comb side can be used to clean the remaining hair and impurities in the eyebrows. Lip brush , The bristles of lip makeup brushes wholesale are generally a bit hard, and the brush head is small, so that the brush head can be better controlled, and then a more three-dimensional outline can be drawn. Use a light-colored pearlescent eyeshadow to apply to the entire eyelid, and spread it evenly in an appropriate amount. Apply the light-colored eyeshadow to the eye sockets. Pay attention to the right amount, otherwise the entire eye will look very puffy. Use light gold eyeshadow and coffee color The local stacking and smudging make the color of the whole eye shadow more bright and shining, and then dipped in light brown eye shadow and then stacked and smudged. Just a little bit is enough, too much will make the eye makeup look very dirty, turn the brush sideways, use the pointed side to dip in reddish brown, stick to the mascara line and brush on the 1/2 of the outer corner of the eye, the outer corner of the eye is drooping People don't want to paint this step, dark colors will pull the outer corners of the eyes lower, in fact, make-up makeup brushes wholesale are all flexible tools, not necessarily what I introduced will suit your way of make-up.
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