How to Use Smudge Brushes for Smoky Eye Makeup Looks

by:Suprabeauty     2023-07-02

Smudge brushes are an essential tool in any makeup enthusiast’s makeup bag. It is a versatile tool that can help create a range of makeup looks, but it is especially good for achieving a smoky eye look.

A smoky eye look is a timeless classic and can help to add depth and dimension to your eyes. Smudge brushes are an excellent tool to use when creating a smoky eye as they allow you to blend and smudge eyeshadow to create a seamless look.

However, using a smudge brush can be a bit daunting if you’re not sure how to use it correctly. In this article, we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to use smudge brushes to achieve a smoky eye look.

What is a Smudge Brush?

A smudge brush is a makeup brush with short and dense bristles that are tightly packed together. The bristles are typically made from synthetic materials such as nylon or polyester, which makes them ideal for blending eyeshadow.

Smudge brushes come in various shapes and sizes, with the most popular being a dome-shaped brush. The dome-shaped brush is ideal as it follows the shape of the eye and can be used to apply and blend eyeshadow.

Step 1: Choose the Right Smudge Brush

Choosing the right smudge brush is key to achieving a smoky eye look. You want to make sure that the brush you choose is dense enough to pack on color and blend it seamlessly.

A dome-shaped brush is an excellent choice for a smoky eye as it allows you to apply and blend the color effortlessly. It is also important to choose a brush with firm bristles that won't splay out when you apply pressure.

Step 2: Apply Eyeshadow

Once you have chosen the right brush, it’s time to apply eyeshadow. For a smoky eye, you want to choose a darker shade of eyeshadow that will create depth and dimension.

Using your smudge brush, apply the dark eyeshadow onto your lid. Start at the lash line and blend upwards toward the crease. Use small circular motions to blend the color out and create a seamless look.

Step 3: Blend and Build

Blending is a crucial step in achieving a smoky eye look. You want to make sure that there are no harsh lines and that the color is blended out evenly.

Using your smudge brush, blend the eyeshadow outwards towards the edges of your eye. Use a windshield wiper motion back and forth across your lid to blend the color out and create a seamless look.

If you want to intensify the smoky eye look, you can add more eyeshadow to the outer corner of your eye and blend again.

Step 4: Soften the Edges

To complete the smoky eye look, you want to soften the edges of the eyeshadow. This will create a more natural look and prevent any harsh lines.

Using a clean smudge brush or a fluffy blending brush, blend the edges of the eyeshadow outwards. Use a light hand to avoid removing too much color and ruining the look you have created.

Step 5: Add Eyeliner and Mascara

To finish off the smoky eye look, add eyeliner and mascara to your eyes. Black eyeliner is the best choice to create a dramatic effect. Use your smudge brush to blend the eyeliner out for a more natural look.

Apply mascara to your lashes to define and enhance your eyes. Lashes are an essential part of a smoky eye look, so make sure to apply generous layers of mascara to your lashes.


In conclusion, smudge brushes are an excellent tool for achieving a smoky eye look. By following these simple steps, you can create a dramatic and alluring smoky eye that will make you stand out in any crowd.

Remember to choose the right brush, apply eyeshadow, blend and build, soften the edges, and add eyeliner and mascara. With a bit of practice and patience, you can master the art of the smoky eye and turn heads wherever you go.

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