How to use makeup brushes teach you the correct usage of different makeup brushes

by:Suprabeauty     2023-04-21

1: Makeup brushes for eyelids For makeup brushes for eyelids, you must look for eyeshadow brushes with natural bristle texture, round heads and medium length. When using this kind of eye shadow brush, you can use the brush head to dip a little water to shake off the excess water, then dip the eye shadow powder and gently sweep over the eyelid. Note: The effect of using cream eye shadow will last longer than using powder eye shadow. At the same time, this makeup brush is also suitable for use on the brow bone. 2. Cosmetic brushes for other parts of the eye. First of all, it is best to choose a bristle brush with a beveled tip for the cosmetic brush used in the eye folds. This kind of cosmetic brush can fit the narrow and long folds. When using this makeup brush, you need to sweep back and forth on the eyelids and creases, so that the eye shadow colors can be blended together. Note: This makeup brush can also be used on the T-zone to apply powder. At the same time, you can also use this brush to sweep loose powder on the lips and apply lipstick, so that the lip makeup is not easy to take off. 3. Eyeliner brush The most easy-to-use eyeliner brush is the curved thin eyeliner brush. The advantage of this kind of brush is that it will not block your line of sight when you draw eyeliner in the mirror. There are two other eyeliner brushes, the angled one and the very fine point one. The angled eyeliner brush can be used on the line between the root of the eyelashes and the eye.

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