How to use makeup brushes? How to use 5 commonly used makeup brushes-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-28
Today I will talk to you about how to use makeup tools and their different special uses. At the same time, I would like to remind all girls that make-up tools are considered consumables, so it is best to clean them after each use, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria, especially the brushes should be treated with brush cleaning solution every week!. The following editor will introduce the functions and usage methods of 5 brushes. 1. Loose powder brush Loose powder brush is one of the tools used to set makeup. It can be combined with loose powder or loose powder to achieve the effect of setting makeup. Keep the makeup intact for 5-6 hours, and at the same time achieve the effect of oil control, generally can create a matte makeup look. When choosing a loose powder brush, pay attention to whether the bristles are dense and soft. Only the soft and dense bristles can fix makeup on a large area without missing the blemishes of the face. The shape of the loose powder brush is generally round and fan-shaped. The round shape can focus on sweeping powder, while the fan shape can take into account the overall contour of the face. How to use: Take an appropriate amount of powder or loose powder, gently sweep over the face that has finished the base makeup, and stay on the sweat-prone parts (such as the sides of the nose, forehead and chin) for about 5 seconds. Then clean it again along the contour of the face. In addition, girls with mixed oily skin produce more oil in summer, so you can use a loose powder brush for baking (wait for four or five minutes after applying a large amount of powder on the face, and then use a smaller brush to wipe off the excess loose powder on the face). The oil control effect is particularly good Great. 2. Foundation brush The foundation brush is a makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale tool used to apply liquid foundation makeup. Generally, there are three types, one is the inclined foundation brush - not only can apply the liquid foundation on the face, but also can be used as a contour brush and a highlight brush, which are generally multi-functional brushes; the other is a flat bottom brush, which is mainly used for foundation on the face There is also a round foundation brush, which is generally used for partial makeup effects. For the foundation brush, the most important thing is to choose a brush head with relatively neat bristles and a certain inclination. This not only improves the ability of local concealer, but also takes into account the cheekbones. How to use: Dip an appropriate amount of liquid foundation with a foundation brush or dip in the palm of your hand, and apply it on the forehead, chin, and cheeks. (Especially the parts with blemishes and acne marks can be superimposed and thickly applied), and then gently sweep away with a foundation brush. If you emphasize high coverage, you can use a foundation brush to gently press on the blemishes. 3. Concealer brush Concealer brush is mainly aimed at concealing partial blemishes, and can also make the whole makeup look softer and more perfect. Generally, for the concealer of red, swollen acne or acne marks, it is recommended to use a round concealer brush. For some redness or skin color difference, it is recommended to use a square concealer brush for a large area of ​​smudged concealer. For the dark circles under the eyes to conceal, generally choose a brush one size smaller than the acne concealer brush to conceal, because the dark circles under the eyes are generally long and require detailed concealer. The choice of bristles must be based on the premise of being soft and natural, and the bristles should be as detailed as possible. How to use: Apply the concealer to the place where you need to cover, such as the red, swollen acne and acne marks, gently press on the acne, and at the same time deal with the border between the blemish and the surrounding skin to make it look as soft as possible Naturally, there will be no color difference with other skin colors, and finally use powder to set the makeup, so that the concealer product and liquid foundation can be integrated. 4. Eye shadow brush The eye shadow brush, as the name suggests, is a tool used to deal with eye makeup. Generally speaking, the size of the eye shadow brush is smaller than that of the concealer brush and loose powder brush. The pursuit of the fineness of the bristles does not hurt the eyes and the softness and naturalness of the bristles. Generally speaking, the eye shadow brush can be used not only for eye shadow primer, but also for eye detail blending. The more flexible the bristles, the more amazing the application will be. Also take into account the amount of eye shadow powder dipped each time, the softer bristles will not burden the eyelids. How to use: Dip a small amount of eyeshadow powder or eyeshadow cream with an eyeshadow brush, and gently sweep it on the eyelids to achieve a rendering effect; if you want to draw eyeliner, choose a smaller eyeshadow brush and gently apply it on the eyeliner You can draw in one direction. The extension of the depth of the lower eyeliner and the outline of the eye shape can be done with an eye shadow brush. 5. Contouring brush Contouring is a makeup technique commonly used by Asian women. It can make our cheekbones look more prominent, and at the same time make the contour of the entire face look more three-dimensional. Contouring brushes are also one of the most important tools for contouring, and are generally divided into two categories. One is the facial contouring brush, which is mainly applied on the cheekbones, forehead and below the lips; the other is the body contouring brush, which is mainly applied on the chest to create a more three-dimensional visual effect. Generally speaking, most of the contouring brushes are inclined, because the slope can take into account the angle of the cheekbones; there are fewer round contouring brushes, and most of them are used to render the contouring of the cheekbones. The bristles of the contouring brush are exquisite and delicate, and are longer than the foundation brush. How to use: First choose a light brown or barley-colored color and apply it on the cheekbones, then use a darker brown color on the cheekbones, and then use the contouring brush to gently sweep along the unevenness of the face Open, be sure to sweep horizontally at an angle, try not to damage the makeup color and effect of other parts of the face.
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