How to use makeup brushes?

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-25
Now makeup is common, basically every girl will do makeup when going out, so how to use all kinds of makeup brushes, Xiaobian will show you how to use makeup brushes that appear on the market. Loose powder brush, blush brush, highlight brush The traditional loose powder brush is in the shape of a hemisphere. With such a distribution of bristles, it is not easy to apply the powder thickly when applying it on the face. Makeup brushes with a flat mouth cannot be used as loose powder brushes. Because it has a flat mouth, it is suitable for using it to match cake makeup, such as powder cake, blush cake, and highlight cake. Angled makeup brushes are generally used for oblique blush, and for contouring. It can make the color more linear, and it can also be taken into account in places with radians. Foundation makeup brushes wholesale Flat-head foundation brush, the flat-head foundation brush is the most common and traditional one. The good thing about this kind of foundation brush is that it can be used to mix something, so that the base makeup can improve the concealment and stick well. The small flat-head foundation brush is usually used to apply some delicate places, such as the corners of the eyes and the wings of the nose. Can also be used for creamy highlights and shadows. Slanted flat foundation brush, the use of the slanted flat foundation brush does not require skill, and it is not prone to drag marks. You can use this brush to produce a thin and sticky makeup effect. Concealer brush Concealer brush, how to use the concealer makeup brushes wholesale: Use the brush to pick up the concealer, and then at the edge of the concealer, lighten the border smudge. This is the perfect concealer. Eyeshadow brushes Flat eyeshadow brushes and eyeliner makeup brushes wholesale are all made of fiber hair, which is easier to clean, and they are all pointed or beveled. It is better to draw the flying or curling effect at the end of the eyeliner. It is mainly used for a wide range of eye shadows and main color eye shadows. The method is to print and swipe. Eyebrow brush The shape of the eyebrow brush is very similar to that of the eyeliner brush, both of which are oblique angles, because it is better to outline the effect of the position of the peak of the eyebrow and the position of the tail of the eyebrow. Contour brush Contour brush has relatively long bristles and an arc-shaped brush head, which is generally used for highlighting. The location of the highlight is mainly the T area, the position from the brow bone to the cheekbone, and the position of the chin. This brush does it all well. The small size of the contouring brush is mainly used for applying nose shadow. For example, the position between the eyebrows and the eyes makes good use of the advantages of the bevel, which can have a good sense of transition. Lip brush The lip brush can draw lips with relatively high saturation, and use the lip brush to outline the lip shape. This kind of arrow lip brush is more detailed and can draw the lip line very delicately. The lip brush with the same head is a flat design, which can not only draw lip line, but also fill in lip color in a large area. How to use makeup brushes? The above content is all the usage methods on the market. After reading it, the editor is also shocked. Since there are so many makeup brushes, it seems that we still need to know more.
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