How to use makeup brushes

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-11
Fan-shaped brush is the largest brush among all makeup brushes. It can be used to clean up excess powder on your face. For example, every time you use loose powder to set makeup, there will be some powder left on your face. You can use it after setting makeup. The fan-shaped brush sweeps away the excess loose powder on the face to make the makeup look clean and clear. Sometimes it can also be used to brush the highlights on the cheekbones of the face.

2. Different from the fan-shaped brush, it belongs to the round brush head, and the brush head is the same and larger. It is used to set the makeup after the base makeup is completed, and the loose powder Or use a brush to sweep the powder on your face. The texture of the loose powder brush is relatively soft. It can absorb the loose powder evenly on your face. It can also be used to apply blush, but the blush brush and loose powder brush are best Use separately. 3. Contouring brushes. Contouring brushes are different from loose powder brushes. The contouring brushes are smaller than loose powder brushes and most of them have oblique or oval heads. They can help you do facial contouring, the bridge of the nose and the sides of the cheeks. , It can help you evenly sweep away when applying the repair cream. 4. Foundation brushes There are actually many types of foundation brushes, but most of the matching foundation brushes in the makeup brushes that we can often see are the one in the picture. This foundation brush is flat and can be used Applying liquid foundation evenly is not easy to absorb powder, but it is more difficult for novices to apply because it is not easy to apply evenly. Many beauty bloggers prefer to use foundation brushes, which are easy to clean and hygienic.

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