How to use a set of twelve makeup brushes

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-23
The usage and diagram of 12 makeup brushes, 12 makeup brushes belong to the makeup brush set series, generally 12 makeup brush sets include: loose powder brush, foundation brush, contour brush, blush brush, highlighter brush, nose shadow brush, concealer , eye shadow brush, smudger brush, eye tail brush, lip brush, eyebrow powder brush. The use of each brush is not fixed, you can use it according to your own needs. Let's take a look at the usage of makeup brushes. For novices, choosing a set of entry-level makeup brushes will feel a bit confusing. I bought one by one at the beginning, and only thought of buying one for which brush I wanted to use. In the end, I bought a bunch of them in a mess and it was not easy to use. I re-entered a set of 12 makeup brushes, focusing on key points, complete functions to meet all needs. Although it is artificial fiber hair, but the texture is very good, the bristles are soft and delicate, and it is very comfortable to sweep on the face; I will give you a popular science about each brush 1 Loose powder brush: used to apply loose powder to set makeup, the brush head is the largest, and has a strong ability to grasp powder 2 Foundation brush: The brush head is flat and has the densest hair, used to apply liquid foundation, It can make the base makeup more natural. 3 Angled blush brush: The brush head is angled, especially suitable for applying blush on apple muscles 4 Highlight brush: The bristles are relatively long and loose, used for brightening cheekbones and eyebrows Sweep it from time to time~ 5 Slanted shadow brushes are used for contouring, increasing the three-dimensional effect of facial contours 6 Flame smudge makeup brushes wholesale are used for smudged eye shadows, highlights, etc. Use it when making shadows to enhance the three-dimensional effect of the nose. 8 large eye shadow brushes are used to make eye shadows on the eye sockets. It is easy to take the powder back when coloring. Partial repair 10 Detail brush is used to repair eye shadow details or to apply concealer 11 Eyebrow makeup brushes wholesale is used to brush eyebrow powder, which will be more natural than eyebrow pencil drawing The above are the uses of various makeup makeup brushes wholesale! A must-see literacy post for beginners!! Teach you how to use 12 makeup makeup brushes wholesale!
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