How to use a foundation brush

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-10
The foundation brush is a very basic makeup tool. It has a longer history than makeup eggs and powder puffs. However, since it is not as convenient as all kinds of powder puffs and makeup eggs, there are fewer and fewer people now know how to use foundation brushes. Today, the editor will explain to you how to use the foundation brush. Common foundation brushes are mainly used to apply liquid foundation, cream and powder foundation. There are different specifications and shapes, round head, flat head and flat head; they are also very useful, can be used in a wide range, and can also deal with details; their length is usually It is 3-4 cm. Flat-head foundation brush The flat-head foundation brush has a flat and fine brush head, which is suitable for use with thick cream and liquid foundation. It mainly uses the technique of poke and dot, which can effectively fill the pores and make the makeup smooth and soft-focused. Makeup effect. Flat-head foundation brush. Flat-head foundation brush is also called tongue-shaped foundation brush. The shape is round and flat like a tongue. The liquid foundation is spread evenly for a light and natural makeup effect. Flat-head foundation brush is not suitable for thick liquid foundation and foundation cream. The brushing surface is relatively small, and the technique and speed requirements are high, and it is easy to brush unevenly.   The brush face of the flat-head foundation brush is relatively small. You can't take too much liquid foundation at one time. You need to apply a small amount of makeup several times to make the makeup more natural. Round-head foundation brush The round-head foundation brush is very fine and suitable for use with thick liquid foundation and cream foundation. First apply the liquid foundation on your face, and then use the foundation brush to evenly push it away in a circular motion to fill the pores and make-up. Matte matte effect.  The round foundation brush and the flat-head foundation brush have a relatively large brush surface and dense bristles. If you use it directly to apply foundation and brush it on your face, it is easy to brush too much, resulting in too thick foundation and make-up effect. Put the liquid foundation on the back of your hand first, and then use the foundation brush to evenly apply the face, or first push the liquid foundation on the face with your fingers and then use the brush to smooth it out. The makeup effect is more natural and beautiful. Some friends have reported that using a foundation brush will easily cause brush marks on the foundation. In fact, the problem of brush marks has a lot to do with the makeup technique. When pushing the foundation, you should follow the skin texture and the direction of the pores. Some areas with large pores Poke the foundation into the pores with a poking technique so that there will be no brush marks. If there are still slight brush marks, you can pat it lightly with a beauty egg to remove the brush marks.   The use of foundation brush is introduced here, I hope it will be helpful to everyone!
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