How to put the makeup brushes in normal times? It is recommended to use a bag or a bucket

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-12
The makeup brush is an important makeup tool. You need an eye shadow brush when painting eyeshadow, and a loose powder brush when setting makeup. It has many uses, so girls who often make up should have a few handy makeup brushes. As an important makeup tool, how do you usually place makeup brushes? Is it in a bag or a barrel?  How to place the makeup brush in normal times  Prepare a makeup brush bucket and insert the makeup brush into the bucket with the brush head facing up and the brush handle down.   This arrangement saves space, is convenient for storage, and prevents the head of the makeup brush from being crushed.   If you don’t want to buy a makeup brush bucket, then wide-mouth glass bottles and mugs can be used to store makeup brushes. Jam jars and honey jars are basically wide-mouth glass bottles, which are very convenient to use directly as a bucket after washing.   If you buy a cosmetic brush bucket specifically, it is best to buy a lid that can prevent dust and stains and prevent dust and bacteria from adhering to the cosmetic brush; if there is no lid, then you must remember to brush off the dust when you use it next time.   It is recommended to use a bag or a bucket for makeup brushes.    It is better to use a makeup brush bucket when storing makeup brushes. Try to avoid using a makeup brush bag.  Because multiple makeup brushes are stored together in a crowded makeup brush bag, the bristles may be deformed due to squeezing, which affects the effect of use.  How to clean and maintain makeup brush    1. Artificial brush    use professional scrubbing liquid to clean. If you make more makeup, it is recommended to clean it once a week or two. Before drying, use a paper towel to absorb excess water along the bristles. The    large brush can be shaped with a net cover after cleaning.  2. Natural brush   Natural brush is afraid of water and is not resistant to washing. Dry cleaning is recommended.  Put the used makeup brush into the clean loose powder and brush it until the loose powder becomes dirty and the brush becomes clean.  If you want to use the makeup brush for longer, you can't ignore it in terms of cleaning, maintenance and storage. Therefore, you should regularly clean the makeup brush after you use it and store it properly.
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