How To Make Your Own Makeup Brushes-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-21
Introduction: There are many kinds of makeup brushes. In order to pursue exquisite makeup, people usually need multiple makeup brushes to complete the overall makeup process, such as eyebrow brushes for eyebrow brushing, lip brushes for lip shape, and liquid foundation Foundation brushes, etc., and makeup brushes are expensive. Most of the existing cosmetic brushes on the market are integrated brushes, that is, the brush head and the handle are fixed and bonded, and each cosmetic makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale only has one function, so that people often need more cosmetic brushes when applying makeup, which increases the cost of makeup. Multiple makeup brushes also require a large storage space, which is not conducive to carrying, let alone making them. In the process of use, according to the change of the makeup part, more makeup is often required to adapt, resulting in problems such as not being able to use more than one brush and making makeup troublesome. Therefore, a kind of self-made makeup brush method is provided. Tools to be prepared: handle, aluminum tube, bristles, adhesive Production method handle: cosmetic makeup brushes wholesale handles are usually made of acrylic, aluminum and wood, etc. The wooden handle of cosmetic brushes is generally made of birch, and ebony and Zambian blood are also used Sandalwood and other woods with a denser texture (the selection of this kind of wood will generally not be painted, but the surface will be polished to keep the sandalwood fragrance, which is relatively small). If there are no above materials, some high-hardness wood can be used instead. The handle The length is 10cm, and the width is moderate. After processing, it is good to polish the surface with sandpaper. Aluminum tubes: I won’t go into details on how to make aluminum tubes. Generally, you don’t have these materials at home. You can buy ready-made ones online. hair: After the hair selection and the ratio are determined, arrange the hair on the table, and then put it in a transparent hair head shaping container (note: the peak of the hair is facing down, and the hair is fixed), pick it up and put it down, and shake it repeatedly for 6- 8 times until the hair is shaped. Our hairs of different shapes and sizes will use different types of hair shaping containers. Of course, I don’t have so many professional tools if I do it myself. Then we can put the bristles into the aluminum tube and fill it up. The pipe and bristles are compacted and then fixed with adhesive. Adhesive: It is made by mixing fine iron powder and AB resin. For mouth tubes with different diameters, AB glue will be used to match iron powder with different particle sizes. The larger the mouth tube, the larger the iron powder particles. After the adhesive is prepared, put it into a creamy cone-shaped plastic bag, and cut the mouth of the cone-shaped bag with scissors. Squeeze the adhesive into the nozzle along the wall of the nozzle first, then slowly press the handle on the inlet pipe, and turn it moderately to make the adhesive clamp the nozzle and the handle, and after a period of time, the finished product is finished. That's all for the general process of making makeup brushes. If you have any questions during the production process, you can contact us to answer them!
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