How to maintain cosmetics Maintenance guide for various cosmetics-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-24
For girls who often put on makeup, there are always various cosmetics on the dressing table. They have to be in close contact with our little faces every day. Maintaining these cosmetics is as important as maintaining the little face. How should these cosmetics be maintained? Today, the editor has compiled a maintenance guide for various cosmetics and shared them with you. Come and take a look. 1. Use mascara for six months longer. The mascara we use every day has a certain period of use, and it is enough to use it for six months. If it exceeds six months, it should be eliminated. The ingredients in mascara contain oil, which is easy to harden and deteriorate. When using mascara, it needs to be very close to the eyeball. If it deteriorates, continuing to use it will be very harmful to the health of the eyes. Therefore, the mascara you use can only be used for six months, and during these six months, every time you use up the mascara, you must cover it in time to prevent the mascara from deteriorating prematurely. 2. Cosmetics should be stored away from humid places. Cosmetics should not be stored in dark and humid places. High humidity environments can easily make cosmetics damp, resulting in mildew and water leakage. For the convenience of makeup, some girls put their cosmetics directly In the bathroom, this is wrong. Over time, the cosmetics used in this way are very dangerous. Therefore, sisters, do not put cosmetics or skin care products directly in the bathroom, it is better to put them on the dressing table, which is more dry and safe. 3. Face brushes and powder puffs should be cleaned regularly. When we put on makeup, we always need various auxiliary cosmetic tools, among which powder puffs and face brushes are relatively common, and the maintenance of makeup auxiliary tools cannot be ignored. Face brushes and puffs must be cleaned regularly. If they are not cleaned for a long time, they will be covered with too much bacterial dust, and if they continue to be used on the skin, the skin will be severely damaged and become more sensitive. It is recommended that girls regularly clean face makeup brushes wholesale, powder puffs and other utensils, wash them with mild cleaning solution or soap every week, and put them in the sun to dry. 4. Lipsticks and lipsticks should be cleaned. Do we also need to clean our lipsticks and lipsticks? Yes, lipsticks, lipsticks and other cosmetics should be cleaned frequently, because after we use lipsticks and lipsticks, there will be residual mucus on the lids. On the surface, these will be contaminated with bacteria and dust. It is recommended that girls use paper towels to clean off the remaining part of the lid after each use of lipstick and balm to avoid the growth of bacteria. Moreover, lip makeup products can only be used for half a year to a year. If it takes too long, it will deteriorate. Continued use will easily precipitate melanin on the lips and even damage the skin of the lips. 5. Do not expose sunscreen products to the sun. Don’t think that sunscreen products can resist ultraviolet radiation and put them in places favored by the sun. You must know that sunscreen products cannot be exposed to the sun. If they are often exposed to sunlight, they are prone to oxidation and their texture will change. It is very greasy. When you apply it, not only the sunscreen effect will be greatly reduced, but also the oil will be increased, which will increase the oiliness of the skin. Gradually, acne and acne will develop. Therefore, no matter what season it is, you need to pay attention to any sunscreen products, including sunscreen, sunscreen lotion, and sunscreen spray, do not expose them to the sun.
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