How to dry the makeup brush after washing? Tips for drying the makeup brush-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-27
How to dry the washed makeup makeup brushes wholesale. The washed makeup brush only needs to use a towel, then roll one side to a certain height, and then place it with the bristles facing down, so that the water will not flow into the handle and cause the bristles Falling off, this way is very simple and the most direct method. Makeup brushes and other drying methods [Step 1] Tools: rubber band (the simplest kind), a rope or a hanger. [Step 2] Wrap the rubber around the brush handle, don't wrap it too tightly, and leave a small tail. [Step 3] Lengthen the little tail, wrap it from the bottom of the rope or rod to the top, and put it on the rod of the makeup brush. And then it's over. How to store makeup brushes Drying the makeup makeup brushes wholesale for storage can prolong the life of the makeup brushes. Makeup makeup brushes wholesale to dry and prepare some beakers and jars for chemical utensils. You can easily store these extra makeup makeup brushes wholesale, and then take them out when you use them. Sometimes the general storage of things that are not useful for a long time cannot achieve good storage. For makeup artists, you can choose a beaker. Beakers are no longer a tool for experiments. Light mouth bottles or chemical containers of different capacities are the most suitable for beauty makeup. It is also very convenient to use it. I bought it in a store that sells experimental equipment, and the price is very cheap. Other light-mouth bottles are also widely used, and it is the most popular. The jam jars and honey jars for eating are basically wide-mouth glass bottles. It can also be used as an environmentally friendly cosmetic tube.
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