How to draw three-dimensional makeup with a makeup brush? -company news-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-22
In order to show her small face, the beauty-loving girl tried her best to cast shadows on her cheeks and jaw, but the facial features not only did not have a three-dimensional effect, but also made her face look dirty. So how to use a makeup makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale to create a three-dimensional makeup? In fact, if you want to highlight the facial features and increase the three-dimensional effect, adding these techniques can make the makeup look more three-dimensional! In addition to the shadow of the eye socket, there should also be a shadow. Lighting up the eyes with highlights around the eyes will be more attractive. 1. On the sunken eye socket under the brow, draw a shadow according to the position circled in the picture, which not only makes the connection of the nose shadow more natural, but also highlights the brow bone, making the facial features more three-dimensional. 2. The corners of the eyes and eye circles can be highlighted with highlights, which can make the eyes look bigger and more beautiful, or use pearlescent eye shadow instead of highlights, the effect is shiny and bright. 3. Spread the blush down with your fingertips, the blush effect is more natural, and it will not mix with the shadow on the cheeks, making the makeup look dirty. 4. If you want to highlight the lip makeup, you can use a makeup makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale to take a little concealer or liquid foundation and apply it on both sides of the corners of the mouth. The lip makeup drawn in this way is neat and focused, and can also modify the lip shape. Makeup with obvious body feeling (2) In addition to the three-dimensional facial features mentioned above, you can also work hard on highlights, fluffy apple skin and harmonious makeup. Even without too many shadows, the makeup is still very three-dimensional . 1. If you use highlighter directly on the apple skin, the makeup will look a bit dead white. You can lightly sweep a layer of water drops under the eyes, so that the makeup will increase and the apple skin will be brightened. 2. Apply blush on the highlights to highlight the layers of makeup. Putting the blush on top of the highlight can make the blush, highlight and base makeup more natural and unobtrusive. 3. Prominent eyebrows are also a good way to make facial features more three-dimensional. Choose an eyebrow pencil that is similar to your own hair color, draw the peaks and ends of the eyebrows, and the makeup looks very vibrant. 4. If you are afraid of applying concealer or foundation on your lips, you can choose to use an eyebrow pencil to outline the upper lip line, highlighting the presence of lip makeup, and at the same time have the effect of trimming the lip contour.
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